£500 to £10,000 in 12 Months

Betting will very very rarely make you rich!

What you get back from it depends on what you're willing to put in. In both time and investment.

My approach to betting may vary from a lot of other tipsters, I'll tell you all about it if you're interested in turning a £500 starting bank into £10,000 over a 12 month period. You can start with less than £500 but understand you will get to less than £10,000.

People get blinded my tipsters flashing big numbers at them, £60k this year. Only to find out they're betting £200 per horse or more. If you have a realistic goal you can achieve it from betting on the horses and I'm willing to show you how you can profit.

Here's why you should listen to me!

My name is Pete Lycett and I have been betting on the horses for as long as I can remember. I have tried multiple methods and I have realised there is no easy way to make fast cash with betting.

Sure you can hit a big bet every now and again, but usually they leave you wishing you would have put more on them in the first place. Sure you can have a good run, but these are usually followed by bad runs.

In over 22 years of betting on the horses I have found the solution to always seeing your profits increase over time is the slow and steady approach.

When I first started using this method I did so with a much smaller starting bank than I do now. My mates would always laugh at the approach in the pub after they won big and my smaller stakes would have only made a small amount compared to their big wins, but more often than not that didn't happen. I only had to put up with that once in a while as to be blunt, they were crap at picking winners.

Months later they'd start asking how much I was up and they couldn't believe that it all started with small stakes.

A few of them started waiting outside the local betting shop for me each morning on our way to work and would just form an orderly queue behind me and say to the teller "same as him" and part with their cash.

It must've been quite a sight for them and anyone else in the bookies those mornings and its at this time when I got known as Plodder Pete, the name has still stuck over 10 years on.

How does the method work?

I currently start my betting with a £500 bank and £5 bets.

You can start with £100 and place £1 bets, £200 with £2 bets and so on.

The reason I start with a small bank is that I don't plan to need that much of it before we head into profit and there is no better feeling than making money with winnings. £5 bets from £500 give us 100 bets. Its there in case we have a poor start but its very rare we lose over £100 of the starting bank.

Why not start with a lower bank if we don't need it all?

My staking progresses when I hit targets. If the bank was less than £500 then it would take longer to hit these targets I have in place and we may not hit the magic £10,000 over the 12 month period.

The targets are closer together at the start and then increase as our staking increases.

You will end up betting £50 per bet before the end of the year, but to do this just think you will be doing so with pure profit.

What type of bets do I advise?

I advise 2 types of bets.

Straight win bets and place bets. Win bets are self explanatory. Place bets are where we bet on the horse to finish in the top 1, 2, 3 or 4 places depending on the race. We get no more if the horse wins on a place bet than we do it if comes 2nd or 3rd etc.

As I bet both Win & Place bets I do all my betting on the Betfair Exchange and because I have members following the service and we all need to reach the same target I bet to Betfair SP solely.

If you feel you can get better odds at BOG bookies then this service still works perfectly fine. Just remember most BOG bookies do not take Place bets until late morning on the day of racing.

To make this service very simple to follow I advise my bets the evening before the racing. If you use the Betfair Exchange and Betfair SP all bets can be placed the evening before the racing making it a true set and forget service.

Try out the service RISK FREE...

If you want to start turning £500 into £10,000 today, just remember things will start slow to begin with, winning streaks may not seem like they are brining in much profit for a couple of months and you may be tempted to suddenly up your stakes. I would urge against this, the staking works for a reason and after months 3 and 4 you will start to see your bank really beginning to grow.

Because of this I offer 2 price options.

First a low monthly cost. Just £10 per month will get you started and at the end of the year you'll not believe that you're only paying £10 for the profits we are making in those last few months. If you don't like the idea of paying a £10 subscription each month then you can pay up front for the year and save £40. A one time payment of £80 will secure you a full years membership covering a full £500 to £10,000.

Choose your option below:

Both options come with a full 60 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the services performance at any point in the first 60 days you can get every penny you have paid back. You can also cancel the monthly option at any point (tips will be sent to the end of each 30 day period that has been paid for).

If you have questions about the service or joining, please email me on support@plodderpete.com

Pete "Plodder Pete" Lycett