£8,106.40 Profit In 2017
Starting With £5 Bets

This is an offer for anyone strugling to make money from their betting...

My name is Lee Bradbury and I can help you turn your betting around.

First up there will be no laying horses or backing favourites mentioned on this page.

Let me first explain how this page came about.

Over the past few years a lot of my friends (and their friends) have asked for my advice when it came to making a profit at the track.

They know I make a living out of betting and most of them just wanted a way to make a little extra profit.

A few thousand extra was what most people I talked to wanted.

Most of them had never bet before, or had bet but not on horses outside of the Grand National.

Some were looking for an alternative solution to the dire savings and investment options they currently had.

But I had to explain the RISK to all of them...

I say risk for 2 reasons.

One that's how they saw betting.
Two, they were right.

This is what I told all of them before I would send them any of my tips...

With betting, your capital is at risk!

Of course it is, that's why it pays so much. If there was no risk there would be no gains to be made that were better than the current rates available from the banks, but while the banks pay out less than 1% on savings, my betting produced an average 54% increase over a 60 day period.

That's taking £1,000 and turning it into £1,540

That's £540 profit in 60 days.

or taking £500 and turning it into £770, a £270 proft in 60 days.

How much would you need in the bank to make that sort of profit over a full year?

My guess would be at least 50 times the starting amount. Plus its taking a year NOT 60 days.

This is the risk vs reward battle that most people do not consider.

The key is not to be greedy. If you're happy with £500 profit every 60 days then invest £1,000 into your betting.

If you have £10,000 in an ISA earning NOTHING there is no need to invest all of it in your betting to see a much better return in a much shorter timeframe.

Don't risk more than you can really afford to lose and the reason for this is simple.

If you are betting beyond your means you do not get the benefit of all the good tips that I land. Instead a few losing days and you see your bank depleting and you bail on the tips, only to see afterwards that they will win and win big.

That's the style of betting I have.

My Motto...
Win & Win BIG!

I thought I'd share this little method with these people, I call it my BIG RETURNERS SERVICE and its where I look at odds over 10/1 and I cover the near misses by going each way. It also involves a small starting bank, so can show people how £200 can turn into an return of 3,900%

Let me show you how...

2018 has started in a very typical way for me.

1st January - Nothing
2nd January - Nothing

3rd January...

4th January...

5th January...

6th January...

I don't bet Sundays.

So in the first 6 days of 2018 I have placed.

14 bets (2 on each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Satruday - 3 on Thursday & Friday).

7 bets returned a profit.

Total staked was £140, total returned was £195.45

£55.45 profit in a week.

That might not sound a lot but that's to £5 per point betting, so its 11.09pts.

Nearly 2pts per day profit on the 6 days we bet.

The big take away is we're making nearly 2pt per day without evening landing a big winner.

I don't need the big winners to come to make me a profit.

11.09pts Profit In The First
6 Days Of 2018 With...

Why show you that week?

Its not some random week, just the first of the year, and its recent. Nothing from months back.

I always start the year with £5 bets, it allows for poor runs.

I increase my bets after successful runs. Meaning I would be looking to land at least 2 big wins and be up at least 50% on my starting bank before doubleing my stakes to £10 each way bets.

Its this method that had be betting at £40 each way at the end of last year and where you can land £1,584 profit from a single bet.

33/1 Winner @ £40 Each Way (1/5 Odds) = £1,584 Profit

How much did I make last year?

Staring with my £5 each way bets last January I walked away from 2017 with a total profit of £8,106.40 profit.

Here are some common questions about my tips:

How many bets per day?

I start each week with 2 bets per day, if we have a good day and there are enough qualifying selections we will raise this to 3 selection per day. We don't go above 3 selections per day. Its 2 or 3, always each way too. No bets on Sundays.

How much do I need to bet?

You can bet at what level you like. I start the year with £5 bets, it means I can use a small starting bank of just £200 which is plenty to cater for even the really bad weeks. Once we land winners we get to the end of the month and re-assess.

I process goes, £5, £10, £15, £20, £30, £40 etc...

Last year I got to £40 each way, as you saw the massive return above.

Do I have to use a bookies?

No, I prefer them and recommend to use them if you can as you can get the best odds available on the BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed Bookies). I place my bets the night before the racing to ensure I get the biggest returns. But if you do not have access to these accounts you can still take advantage by placing the bets on the Exchanges.

Have my bets been proofed anywhere?

No, I proof to my members and offer a 60 day money back guarantee so if you are unhappy with the performance you can have your money back. I don't proof to other websites as most of them only do it for commission on sales they generate and how much of an honest review can you get when incentives are inolved? I'd prefer for you to try it for yourself and make up your own mind and like I said, you can do it for 60 days and get all your money back.

Have you got previous results I can view?

Again, no, I read a lot of betting forums and I have seen people reverse engineering strategies and formula from results so I protect my strategy in that way. Again sign up and you get 60 days where you can just view the tips without risking anything.

Can I have a free trial?

No, I have more issues with people who do not pay for the tips than I do from the ones that do, for this reason there are no free trials of the service.

Do I have to increase my stakes?

No. I would advise to do so as that is how I made £8,000+ last year starting with £5 bets. You can bet at flat staking through the year at what level is comfortable for you or you can start higher or lower than my starting bets. I would advise a £200 bank for every £5 you want to stakes. So if you want to start at £2.50 each way, you would need £100 to start with. If you want to bet £10 each way to start with I would suggest a bank of £400. If you are betting level stakes I would advise the same starting banks.


Now for the biggest question of them all...

How Much Is This
Going To Cost?

A few things to consider.

I do not bet Sundays.
I take days off.
I take weeks off at Christmas and in the Summer.

For this reason I do not want to charge a monthly fee.

Instead all I ask for is £1 per week.

So 52 weeks per year - 4 weeks I plan to take off = £48.

£48 will get you my BIG RETURNERS Selections for a full year.

This will mean you can follow along with £5 each way bets like I did last January and with similar results see a 3,900% increase in your £200 investment and end the year with over £8,000 of betting profits.

All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is click below and join before the 31st January 2018


If you have any questions about the service or joining please email me on:



£200 to £8,000 in 2018 here we come!


Lee B.