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    We've been on the web since the early 90's in marketing/advertising and established our Classifieds back in 1998 (18+ years). We began developing our advertising and CPA marketing solutions; ATD (affordable traffic delivery) division in 2001. Over the past decade and more we've partnered with several advertising networks enabling us to provide our clients with an expanded internet marketing/advertising reach of United States (U.S), Canada (CA), Australia (AUS), United Kingdom (UK), Europe (EUR), South America, and Asian (English speaking) population. Via our networks technology and resources we're able to promote our clients websites, etc. to a high volume of targeted prospects monthly. Classified2000.net receives 1.2+ million page views monthly and it's just one of the sites in our network.

    Our goal is to continually provide quality service and affordable advertising.

    Our rates are always competitive and fair.

    Our knowledgeable support is available to help you with any questions you may have regarding our advertising services, your recent order/payment, or your current campaign(s) status etc.


    Contact: sales@classified2000.net

    Please note: We are currently updating our website so there will be some residues of the older versions of our site roaming around until this monumental task is complete.


    Classified 2000 is now accepting Bitcoin for all our advertising services. Bitcoin is a good alternative payment system and for a limited time we will take 10% off your first purchase of $159 or more when you pay us with Bitcoin. This special offer is valid for ALL our advertising services.

    If you have any questions please contact us. If you're not familiar with Bitcoin you should learn more about Bitcoin. We recommend Coinbase.com (US based company) as a wallet and exchange. However, there are many that provide wallets and exchanges funding internationally as well. We recommend visiting Bitcoin.org for more information about Bitcoin and how to get started. For the latest update news and information about Bitcoin check out Coindesk.com

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