Record Everything That Happens While You're Away

The ideal solution for monitoring your spouse, employees, children, and classroom's PC Activity. Read More...

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Main Features

Collects All Activity

iSpy silently records all computer activity. Usernames, passwords, email, social media and chat (such as Skype, Twitter, and Facebook), Apps, and Internet activity are all recorded into an easy-to-read database.

Runs in the Background

The iSpy event viewer can only be unlocked by YOU and cannot be seen by the user. A simple password screen (with no identification) pops up to unlock the program after pressing the hotkey combination!

Records Keystrokes

Records Screenshots

Logs Social Media

Logs Websites

Blocks Applications

Remote Control Features

About Us

FlashCrest develops leading-edge forensic and investigative software to allow monitoring of personal property and ensure the integrity of information systems for home and business.