"How Would You Like To Create
All Natural Organic Soap
That You Can Use In Just A Few Days.

A Faster And Better Way To
Make Real Soap
Is Available For You Now!"

With my Complete Hot Soap Making Guide,
you will be making beautiful hand crafted soap
using completely natural ingredients right away.

Unlike the more traditional way of making handmade soap,

I will show you a faster, easier and  more predictable way to
create natural soap for youthful looking skin.


From: Rene Whitlock
Re:  A better way to make Natural Soap

Cold Process Soap Making is a wonderful way to make handmade soap.
You get to make soap that is good for your skin.
You can give soap to friends and family as gifts.
But ....Cold Process Soap Making can be unpredictable.

All of those stories you hear about ruined batches from fragrance oils and colors turning ugly are true.
Sometimes the thought of learning the art of soap making can seem overwhelming.

There is so much information out there and so much of it contradicts each other.
There's also so much information left out of the instructions.

 I know what it's like. I was scared  when I made my first batch of soap over 13 years ago. 
The information was vague and the thought of using lye was frightening.

After that first batch, I started to experiment with color and scents.
I made batch after batch. Some turned out, some didn't.

I tried using essential oils and natural fragrances, but it seemed like the scent would fade out of the soap during the chemical reaction.
Natural colors would often turn brown or disappear.

The waiting 6 to 8 weeks for the soap to cure just seemed too long.

 Finally I discovered Hot Process Soap Making and the problems disappeared!!

The difference between Cold Process and Hot Process Soap making is:

  For Cold Process, you add the color and scent before the chemical reaction.

For Hot Process, you add the color and scent after the chemical reaction.

The Hot Process Soap color stays natural, the scent stays in the soap and you use about 2/3 less essential oil. This saves money.

Hot Process Soap Making is very predictable!!!

Plus ..... You can use your soap in 2 or 3 days after you make it.

 Hot Process Soap Making is not the same as Melt and Pour. Hot Process uses the same ingredients as cold process, but the process to make the soap is different.

Instead of putting the soap in the molds and waiting 6 to 8 weeks for the soap to cure, you will cure the soap by accelerating the process.

 These differences change everything. Imagine making an ALL NATURAL ORANGE SOAP!!!

 You can't do that with Cold Process.

This Is The Most Complete Guide To Hot Process Soap Making.

  • Over 60 photographs of the step by step process.  
  • 13 years of tips and ideas 
  • Plus a lot of surprises you will not see anywhere else.




Hot Soap Making - The Complete Guide - EBook

This is the ultimate guide to hot process soap making.

There are over 60 photos of the process and a complete description of each step.

This ebook takes you through the complete process of making a 2 pound batch of soap.

From preparation to making the soap to the very last step of cutting the soap.

Each step is thoroughly explained.

Through this ebook, you will discover:

 The surprising truth about one of your key oils.

Why cheaper is actually better when it comes to a few of your supplies and ingredients.

Find out where to get a main ingredient absolutely FREE!!!

Keep the guide next to you for a step by step view by view guide. You can't get lost or confused. It's all there. You will become a complete success!!

You will see in the guide exactly what the soap will look like at every stage. I have left nothing out.

Money saving tips on where to get all your ingredients and tools. You will be able to get supplies quickly and easily. You can get everything you need close by. It’s easier than you think.

You will be able to use your amazing natural soap in just a few days. Your skin will feel amazing. You won't believe how soft your skin will feel.

Cold process soap making has a lot of limitations. Finally you do not have to use fragrance oils anymore!! You can use pure essential oils to keep your soap all natural and healthy. Many essential oils cannot survive the cold process.

You can make a beautiful lime essential oil soap with a swirl of powdered lime leaves that maintain their beautiful color and scent.

In the ebook guide, we will walk through the process of making a chocolate mint soap. We will go through each and every step with pictures and thorough instructions. It will include how to prepare the cocoa powder all the way to our last step of cutting the soap. I was able to cut this soap on the same day as I made it!! That's how fast it was ready!!


What Are The Benefits You Will Receive From Using 
Hot Soap Making - The Complete Guide?

   You will be able to use your soap within a few days.

    Benefits of the oils and herbs are still intact to give you the healthiest skin         possible.  This is not usually true with Cold Process soap making.  The benefits are usually cooked out during the chemical reaction.

   Full amount of Glycerin is left in your soap to keep keep your skin moisturized, healthy and youthful.

   Options are endless for adding herbs and natural color and scent.  You get to be as creative as you like and turn your soap into works of art.

   You no longer have to wash your skin with animal fat that have absolutely no benefit to your skin.

   You can save a lot of money by making healthy, natural soap

   You no longer have to spend money on cream and lotions to soothe your dry skin because you will no longer have dry skin.

   You can feel good about your soap since you are not contributing to a company who supports animal testing.

   You will no longer stress over gift giving since you will be able to whip up a batch of soap quickly for custom made gifts that people would love to receive.

    You will be able to explore every oil you are curious about and find the exact combination that will soon become your favourite.

   You will learn how to make your own recipes and work with whatever oil you already have on hand.  You won't have to go search for special oils if you don't want to because even simple Corn Oil can be made into soap and still have more to offer your skin than store bought soap.

   You will never be stuck or confused, each step is not only described, but is accompanied by a photo.  There is no guess work, it is a complete guide.

   You are given all the information you need within the bonuses, the videos and the books to begin making soap and even start your quest to setting up your own soap making business.  This is a fabulous way to generate income while doing something wonderful for both the environment and yourself.


In Order To Make This A Complete and Unbeatable Soap Making Guide, The Following Bonus Material Is Included.  So All Together, You Will Receive The EBook
Hot Process Soap Making-The Complete Guide And
6 Bonuses Including 2 Videos!!

Bonus #1

This Is Trace - The Video



This Is Trace - The Video


This video shows you the entire process of "trace".

Trace is the point where all of your soap base ingredients have been added, and will be mixed until it is a specific thickness.

 This is the most important step to get right. The video is a close up of the entire step.

Through this high quality video, you will discover:

Trace takes about 4 minutes to achieve.

What you need to watch for and what you will see as the process happens.

The video is a close up of the entire process.

This will give you the perfect view of what you need to look for in your own batch.

What your soap looks like and when to stop mixing.




Bonus #2

101 Soap Recipes For
Hot Process Soap Making - The EBook



101 Soap Recipes For
Hot Process Soap Making - The EBook


Complete recipes that you can use with your "Hot Soap Making - The Complete Guide" eBook.

This is what you will discover:

101 recipes specially designed for Hot Soap Making.

Recipes from simple 1 oil blends to multi oil blends.

Fully ready to be used.

Each recipe can be scented and colored according to your choices.

Each ingredient is explained in the book including their benefits in skincare and soap making.





Bonus #3

4 Soaps From One Batch - The Video



4 Soaps From One Batch - The Video

This is a very special technique that I have never seen before. 

I tested this idea out 11 years ago out of pure necessity for a very high maintenance wholesale account.

It turned out to be a fantastic way to make very special individual soap bars.

Now I do this all of the time!

In this video you will discover:

A great way to try out soap colors and ideas before you commit to a full batch.

A wonderful way to make a few exfoliating bars, if you don't want to make a whole batch.

This will change the way you make soap and puts you completely in control of the outcome.

You will watch the 4 different types of soap that is being made from a 2 pound batch of soap.  This will be step by step.

This will be a step by step video.  You will see each soap being made and put into the molds.  How to settle the soap into the molds even if the molds are very detailed.  So there are no bubbles.

Soap #1 -   Red Geru powder (used in East Indian cooking for its brick red color) with natural Gold Mica and scented with Vanilla Patchouli Essential Oils.

Soap #2 - Crushed Lime Leaves with Lime Essential Oil

Soap #3 - Lavender Flowers with Orange Lavender Essential Oils

Soap #4 - Spirulina (Green Freshwater Algae) with Peppermint-Rosemary-Tea Tree Essential oils. (I will make 2 bars of this one).

All of these blends and much more can be found in the Bonus eBook: " Natural Color and Scent Hints and Tips  For Hot Process Soap Making "






Bonus #4

Natural Color & Scent
Hints and Tips
For Hot Process Soap Making - The EBook



Natural Color & Scent
Hints and Tips
For Hot Process Soap Making - The EBook


Some of these ideas have never been seen before.

In this book you will discover:

Why you should use natural fragrance

How to avoid a very painful mistake that most new soapers never think about. You will learn from my mistake and not repeat this error yourself.

How to prepare you natural color for making swirls in your soap

Which honey will amaze you with its beautiful fragrance in hot soap making.

How to recognize one of the imitation ingredients that some retailers try to sell as a natural product.

11 exclusive natural scent blends that work wonderfully in hot soap.

8 natural oils that should never be used on skin.





Bonus #5

Make Your Own
Hot Process Soap
Recipes - The EBook



Make Your Own
Hot Process Soap
Recipes - The EBook


Everything you need to make your own hot process soap recipes.

In this book you will learn :

The ingredients you can use to make your soap amazing and unique.

The soap worksheet will show you how to break down the step by step process of making your own recipes.

Check points as you go along so you will create a fail proof recipe

How to make a soap recipe with any oil you choose.

Step by step recipe creation.

Make soap that is unique and your own.

The blend of oils that give you the combination for big cleansing bubbles and soft tight silky bubbles. Make it your own too!!







Bonus #6

Create Your Own
Green Recycled Soap Mold - The EBook



Create Your Own
Green Recycled Soap Mold - The EBook


Keep your soap making environmentally friendly by creating your own recycled soap box.

In this guide you will find:

Very easy to make soap molds with step by step instructions

A photo guide for making your own recycled soap box.

Keep the environment healthy by re-using recycled material.

Save money.

Re-use this recycled box over and over.

Always have the right size mold on hand for your soap making.




Here are just a few opinions of Hot Soap Making!!


I am really excited to get this information to you since it has not been available until now! 

There is so much information in this guide that has not been made public except to the students in the soap making classes I held over the years.

So enjoy reading about how this technique of soap making has changed the lives (and skin) of many people.

Then try it for yourself.

I would love to help you get started on your successful journey into hot soap making!! 


Testimonial #1

"Rene's information has allowed my skin to heal and improve naturally as well as introduced a business opportunity of my own."

"As a new resident to BC, a woman with challenging skin and as an expanding artisian, I came across Rene's hot process soaping class online.

This experience was fulfilling as I have been making soap with Rene's recipe since her class one year ago. Rene provides a learning opportunity that is visual and organized. Rene is genuine and radiates ease with teaching and providing thorough instruction through her information package.

Rene offers quality materials to reflect an all natural soap product. Rene's information has allowed my skin to heal and improve naturally as well as introduced a business opportunity of my own.

I would recommend Rene not only as a teacher but as a resource to those new or old to the soap making process!" - Katie

Katie Legere

Testimonial #2

"It allows you to use about 1/3 of the essential oils and specials oils you would use in Cold Process soap making but allows you to retain more of the skincare properties of these oils."

I took my first cold process soap making class in September, 2009. I was instantly addicted to soapmaking.

However, the curing time was killing me. A month later, I met Rene and attended her class. Rene's technique of hot process soap making gives you more control over the finished product. It allows you to use about 1/3 of the essential oils and specials oils you would use in CP soap making but allows you to retain more of the skincare properties of these oils.

Since my class with Rene, I have made 33 batches of HP soap. Rene has been there every step of the way.

I've bought several books and done a lot of research online. However, none of that beats Rene's many years of experience and knowledge.

Whenever I come across a challenge or something goes wrong, I can always consult my Encyclopedia of Soapmaking, Rene. She has done it all and more.

She loves to share all that she knows about making natural skincare products. That warmth and openness comes from a deep rooted passion for what she believes is the right way to live and care for yourself.

When Rene told me she was going to put together an E-Book and a website to share all her wisdom from years of learning, testing and doing, I thought: how lucky are we!

We can now access that refined knowledge from inside our own kitchens. Thank you once again, Rene. You are a natural skincare guru!

Annie Ni


Testimonial #3

"I absolutely love that in less than two hours, I can make a batch of soap with the oils and fragrance that I prefer, or create the perfect gift with a personal touch."

A friend and I attended one of Rene's soap making classes and we loved every minute of it! We were impressed by Rene's extensive knowledge of both the history of soap, and how to make it using a variety of ingredients to benefit your skin. She also provided many examples of how to colour, cut, mold, and wrap soap, but also encouraged us to be creative. After taking her class, I have made two more batches of soap on my own. I absolutely love that in less than two hours, I can make a batch of soap with the oils and fragrance that I prefer, or create the perfect gift with a personal touch.   

Alison Young 


Testimonial #4

"Soap making has brought such positive energy into my life and I hope that it will bring the same to you."

I took a soap making course with Rene in 2008 and consider myself very lucky to have found and to know a teacher like her.  Rene is an incredibly insightful soap crafter and educator.  Her attention to detail and organizational skills made everything so uncomplicated and really fun. 

 What really impressed me most about Rene (and still impresses me to this day) is her motivation to follow up with her students and her willingness to share her experiences with you.

 Her enthusiasm and love of the craft shines through and makes all the difference.

Soap making has brought such positive energy into my life and I hope that it will bring the same to you.

Joanna Karel


Testimonial #5

"The time factor is amazing.  What would take up to 6 to 8 weeks with Cold Process, now I can do in only 2 or 3 days."

I have made many batches of soap using the Cold Process.   However, the unpredictability and time consumption of this method often left me feeling less than satisfied.  Because of this I decided to try Rene's class on Hot Process.  Boy am I glad I did. 

  Rene is an excellent teacher of this process.  No longer am I unsatisfied with the soap I am making.  The time factor is amazing.  What would take up to 6 to 8 weeks with cold Process, now I can do in only 2 or 3 days. 

Thanks Rene, you've made soap making more fun than I ever thought possible. 

Mark Ems 



You can have beautiful handcrafted soap in just a few days using oils that make your skin glow.

Use ingredients that are from completely natural sources, even citrus which is not successful in Cold Process Soap...

   Imagine making a batch of soap today that you can package and give as a gift in just a few days.

   Imagine being in total control of what goes into your soap. It smells and looks wonderful and the beneficial oils will improve your skin.

   Wouldn't it be nice to know you are not using animal products on your skin?

   Wouldn't it be fun to explore the unlimited natural color and scent options you have when you make Hot Process Soap?

   Won't it be nice to know there has not been animal testing done on your soap?

   It would be so nice to use a soothing soap that will not strip the natural oils from your skin like commercial soap does.

There Is So Much Information Out There That It Makes It Difficult To Know The Real Truth About Soap Making.
Why Should You Trust This Source?

At this point you are probably wondering what makes me qualified to offer a guide on Hot Process Soap Making.

I have been making soap since 1997. 

I started my own soap making company very soon after that and acquired many wholesale accounts. I have organized craft shows and I continue to soap to this day.

I have held soap making classes over the past few years and have taught over 200 people in person how to make Hot Process Soap.

Many of those soapers had experience with cold process soap making. Several of those soapers have decided Hot Process will be their only soap making method.

All of those soap makers had questions and concerns. All of those questions and concerns have been addressed in the manual. Either as part of the steps, or as a side note.

This guide approaches soap making from every level with over 60 very detailed photos of the steps. I even tell you where you can find supplies.

There is so much information in this guide that has not been made public except to the students of the soap making classes I held.

So why do I share this with you? Because I want you to succeed!!! I want you to make your own soap and share your soap with your family and friends.

I want you to start your own soap making business. I want you to have complete trust in this guide. You do not have to look any further. This, along with the bonus material, gives you everything you need.

Why has this information not been available until now? Well the truth is, I discovered this information on my own, by trial and error, by observing what works and what doesn't. This is not mainstream information.

Soap making is a very creative craft. If you have an imagination and love to be creative, then the Hot Process Soap Making is for you. It's as if you are given a blank canvas, you can be as creative as you like since most of the limiting rules from Cold Process do not apply.

So I love to soap. I have not used a commercial bar of soap since 1997, except when visiting other people's homes, or while using a restroom while out shopping.

I keep soap in my suit case all the time so I don't forget to bring it. It's that important to me!! I can't imagine using commercial soap while in the shower. 

I will be 44 years old this year and my skin is as soft as my 18 year old daughter's. I use handmade soap to wash my face every day. My face is soft and supple, never tight.





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You can be on your way to a step by step, complete, trusted source of information in just minutes. The download page is just minutes away. By making your own custom handmade soap, you will be making a very healthy choice that will affect you both immediately and long term.

 ......or you can carry on, allowing the commercial soap industry to dictate what you will be using to clean your own skin, and your skin will remain the same and never benefit from natural soap. 


To your Soap Making Success,


Rene Whitlock

P.S. Eliminate wasted time and money by having total control over the outcome of your soap making. This is a complete and easy guide that ensures success every time!

P.P.S.  You have my personal, hassle free, 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with Hot Soap Making, I will refund your money and you can keep all 5 bonuses!!

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