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Your Essential Guide To A HUGE Breakfast Menu Selection

Over 60 new, healthy, delicious recipes for breakfast

A huge variety of satisfying and tasty breakfast options to get you through the day

Easy 1, 2, 3 Step by Step instructionsliterally anyone can cook these breakfasts

4 divine cereals - who said you had to give up porridge on a grain free diet?

Loads of super fast meal options - over 20 meals you can make in 10-20 minutes flat!

Plenty of variety that everyone will love 





Here’s A Sneak Peek Of How It Looks Inside

 Easy Breakfast Bites Includes

This clear, practical, go-to reference eCookbook is focused on helping you develop easy breakfast options to help you keep life interesting and energize your day.

It contains full color photographs on almost every recipe across more than 65 pages

Indulge in:

A variety of breakfast cereals

A huge selection of omelet fillings

Breakfast bakes and cakes

Easy egg dishes

A huge selection of egg muffins

Stuffed mushrooms

Strawberries and cream pancakes

And the list goes on…

Over 60 delicious breakfast options to choose from!


Here’s what people have to say

Elle says “I have tried several of the recipes in this book and have thorougly enjoyed them all.  The ingredients are readily available, the directions concise and clear, and the finished products are tasty and very enjoyable.

 The videos are particularly helpful as well. Good length, nice production and very informative and helfpul.

I am a foodie who loves to cook and try new things in the kitchen, as well as an athlete who is interested in providing healthy eats to my family.  I will continue to use this book as a good reference, and look to it for new cooking adventures.”

Lisa says “EBB -Holy smokes – It is *beautiful!* The layout with the pictures is so very appealing. I will use this every day. And you laid it out just like recipe cards. Very easy and very good!!!”


This is a newly released product so there will be plenty more testimonials like these ones coming in very soon because this cookbook really is so good!

You’ll have over 2 months worth of ideas and options to keep you satisfied!



But wait…that’s not all, there’s still more!

 BONUS 1: The Printable Version

All the same 60+ recipes

Black and white for easy cost effective printing (except headings)

Image free version

Step by step instructions to accompany you in the kitchen


Bonus 2: Quick start videos

Over 10 quick start video classes

Cooking classes on the basics of eggs

Impress your friends and family with the perfect pancake or omelet

Learn how to boil an egg to your favorite texture

Learn the simple art of improvisation

Detailed step-by-step videos showing you EXACTLY how to get the best out of your breakfast cooking

 These added bonuses will make cooking breakfast a breeze!


Money Back Guarantee

Easy Breakfast Bites comes with my no holds barred, 60-day, money-back guarantee.

With over 60 breakfast options to choose from you will not be disappointed. But let me put my money where my mouth is…because I want you to be a happy customer!

Look at the quality of the book, try out the recipes, enjoy the videos, and if you aren’t completely satisfied that it has helped you solve your breakfast dilemma by providing ideas, and good food to eat, then just let me know within 60 days of purchase, and your money will be refunded.


The Words Of Some More Happy Customers!

No other meal has the same importance, or impact, on the way I feel than breakfast. And my breakfast has to follow a paleo plan. That’s why I was so happy to find Easy Breakfast Bites.

When I opened up this pretty little cookbook, my mouth started watering. It starts out very simple, giving even beginner cooks a chance to whip up an easy breakfast that’s healthy and filling. As I scrolled through the cookbook I found tasty recipes, beautiful pictures, and clever ideas for healthy, and easy dishes. But I found so much more than I expected! 

There are indeed breakfast bites – simple, easy breakfast recipes – but it doesn’t end there. I not only found classic poached eggs, omelets, and cute little breakfast muffins, but I was delighted to find tasty lunches, dinners, snacks, and even sweet treats. Easy Breakfast Bites was honestly a surprise. I expected a nice collection of breakfast dishes but never expected such a feast.

Thank you, Jedha, for this delightfully delicious collection of recipes that will help me keep eating right and feeling great!   


Patti Winker

I have been loving the book!

I’m excited to get up every morning and try a new breakfast from the book-every one has been just delicious so far. I love love love all the new ideas for breakfasts it has given me (asparagus dipped in soft-boiled egg=brilliant!) plus tips on how to perfect old staples like poached eggs.

A wonderful book I would recommend to anyone.

Thanks! Sarah



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I simply know you are going to love this cookbook as much as I enjoyed making it for you!

Happy Cooking!

Jedha :)

P.S. Don’t wait another minute, get those fresh ideas, keep your diet interesting, and supercharge your day.

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