Write a Book, Become an Author -- Insider Secrets Revealed by John Harricharan, Award-Winning, Bestselling Author

Writing your own book and making it a success is a goal that many aspiring authors can achieve.

Sadly, most will never write, publish and market their work because they don't know the all-important, insiders' success secrets to becoming an author.

It's really not hard... if you know what the experts know.

---John Harricharan, author of the bestseller, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat
"So, you want to write a book?  You’ve been thinking about it for years, but you don’t know where to begin, or you’ve begun, but don’t know what to do next! Let John Harricharan, book writing mentor-extraordinaire, guide you on your way. His course has changed my life. I am now the author of two books—one of which is an award-winning book. All of this was because of John’s help. There are a lot of book writing programs out there, but this is by far the best!"
--Yanni Maniates Award-winning Author, Magical Keys to Self-Mastery: Creating Miracles in Your Life and Intuition is Easy and Fun


How to Write, Publish and Make your Book
a Fantastic Success ...

Do you have a great book idea and don't know how to get started? Or maybe you've been writing, but can't seem to organize your ideas. Perhaps you've completed your manuscript, but don't know how to get published. Then you've come to the right place. This is the e-class you need!

I'll walk you step-by-step through the process of getting your book into either a book in print or an ebook (or both) and making it a success.

Just as I have helped many people become authors, I'll personally help you make your book a reality.

I have always believed that anything is easy... if you know how. I truly believe that anyone can write a book and make it a fantastic success.


Let me tell you a true story.

I wasn't always an author. I was really more of a combination scientist-businessman. Although I always wanted to write a book, I was not trained in writing. The only writing course I ever took in college was "Creative Writing" and I almost failed -- I got a "D".

I was always fascinated by authors, but didn't have a clue about the writing game, and so, when I wrote my book, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat, I made all the mistakes any beginner could make.

But after many years filled with lots of trials and errors, plus the sage advice of successful authors, editors, literary agents, publishers and marketing experts, the "WaterBook" (as it's fondly called by its readers) went on to become an award-winning bestseller.


You probably have all the information you need to write your book ....

Listen. You probably have all the information you need to write your book. But have you written or published it yet? And if you've published it, have you really marketed it so that tens of thousands of potential readers have the chance to see and order it? If not, I'll show you how.

Being a published author is a very special accomplishment. It changes your life in so many wonderful ways. Did you know the number one group of people that the general public finds most fascinating are movie and rock stars? Next come sports figures. Guess who's next? Authors.

That's right, authors are considered number three. Of all the professions on Earth, authors still manage to get their share of the spotlight. Even if you ignore the hype and promotion, most authors are perceived as credible and respectable in their communities.

Here's what I'll do. I'll take you by the hand and lead you, step by step, through the process of getting your book published and making it a success. You see, it only takes three steps to make your book a success. Leave out any one of the steps and the chances are very good that your book is doomed to obscurity. I'll guide you through the three steps:

1. Writing your book -- creating the manuscript.
2. Publishing your book -- getting it in print or as an ebook
3. Marketing your book -- making it available and promoting it to the world market.

Here are some of the items you'll learn in this ground-breaking eclass:

I'll show you how to take what you know and turn it into a manuscript. I'll also explain how to get started, how to organize your ideas and eliminate the unnecessary ones.

I'll explain the many different methods of getting your book published and why you should absolutely avoid several of them.

I'll tell you the one thing that Richard Bach (author of the perpetual bestseller, Jonathan Livingston Seagull) shared with me that could change your writing like magic. This tip alone is worth many thousands of dollars.

I'll reveal some of the secrets to writing successful books that other bestselling authors such as Deepak Chopra, Brad Steiger, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and others shared with me.

I'll point out some of the most important steps necessary for a book to become successful and why, if you miss these steps, your book is destined for mediocrity.

And there are lots more ...

I'll tell you some of the mystical aspects that can influence writing a book and making it successful. These will surprise you. Most people who teach how to write, publish and promote books hardly ever talk about this area. I will tell you all about it.

I'll share some of the secrets of self-publishing and show you how you can self-publish your book even if you have very little money to start with. This tip alone is worth double the cost of the e-class. By using this method, you could make a profit even before your book is published.

I'll give you some tips that my agent shared with me. And you'll learn how I got published by major publishers like Berkley Books, HarperCollins and others.

You see, becoming an author -- a successful author -- isn't about struggling with words, grammar or language. You really don't need to worry about whether you're good at punctuation or if you know the difference between an adverb or an adjective. There are ways to fix such things and I'll point out many of those ways to you.

Here are some genuine testimonials about this writing and publishing eclass. They are from real people. (Anyone can type up fake testimonials and stick them on a web page -- I've seen many people do so.) The testimonials listed here are real and legitimate and I've used real names, even providing their website addresses. In a minute I'm going to tell you more about what you'll learn in this eclass. But first, read what others have to say...

  "...I have good news."

"If you've ever wanted to see your book become a bestseller, I have good news. There are secrets to becoming a successful author, but only a few people will ever share them with you. In his eclass, John takes you by the hand and leads you through one lesson at a time until, at the end of the course, you're totally equipped to write your book AND make it a fantastic success."

Joe Vitale
Author, The Attractor Factor and way too many books to list here

 " ...my stories materialized into a real book... "

"In far-off Africa, my connection with the wider world was through the internet and that's where I met John Harricharan. Spending over 20 years on a continent so different from mine, my experiences and views expanded tremendously. For quite some time I had felt the urge to write a book and to share it all with the world, but I did not have a clue how to go about it.

In Accra, the capital of Ghana, West Africa, I received John’s newsletter in which he announced that he was going to offer an e-course in writing and publishing. He was God sent! Eagerly I enrolled. And then with his inspiring guidance, John skillfully led me to the discovery of how much fun it would be to express my experiences and spirituality in stories!

The latest developments in publishing were as far out of reach for me as the moon, but with his expertise in writing and publishing John supported me until my stories materialized into a real book.

Without John I would not have built the self-confidence, let alone the know-how, to make it happen. I am frontline in recommending you to jump at the chance to have him guide you into the realization of your dream: writing YOUR book! "

Constance van Dongen Eykman
Author , Paradise, a Heartbeat Away -- A Spiritual Safari in Africa www.ParadiseaHeartbeatAway.com

"Nobody else will do!"

"I have sold many thousands of ebooks, but not one book in print. When I decided to go after the 'traditional' print book publishing world there was only one person I could think of who I would trust to show me the way -- John Harricharan.

John has done more than write, publish and promote best selling books, he has touched people's lives and has had an incredibly positive impact on the world.

If you want a mentor, a coach and a tutor who really cares whether you make it or not and will put 110% of himself into your success at creating your own bestseller, then you need John Harricharan to guide you! Nobody else will do!"

Jim Edwards
Author, Niche Advertising Secrets

"...nothing less than a miracle"

"I suspect that people considering John Harricharan's writing course would be interested in knowing the outcome of a previous student - from inspiration to publication to foriegn rights sales. John does good work.

To be able to reach out to people all across the globe is nothing less than a miracle. I've signed an agreement with Taiwan; they will publish my book in November. I have an agreement with Australia / NewZealand / Open Market Territories sitting on my desk. I said 'yes' to Turkey, Brazil and Germany. Others are interested, as well.

I've also been doing some radio invterviews - about 40 so far, and some local television in the midwest and am working toward national TV.

It has been quite a journey. When I find myself on a high hill and look back upon the winding trail behind me, I see that it started from a publishing course -- your writing / publishing course, John -- that once upon a time blessed my life, and forever changed it.

I will always be grateful for your help, your advice and your friendship."

William Hablitzel, M.D.
Author, Dying Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me

  "Not one word... I can't do it!"

"'Not one word... I can't do it!' Those were my famous last words on the subject of writing... that is until I took John's advice and began using his writing course. Although I had worked as John's assistant for many years, I greatly resisted writing at first. However, his insiders' tips and information were virtually priceless, and I found myself inspired to take the plunge.

John's sage advice gave me the confidence to complete not one, but two books with another one in the works. If you're an aspiring writer, don't delay. This course will help you realize your dream of becoming an accomplished author."

Anita Bergen
Author, Life and Other Options and Pause and Reflect

  "... a masterpiece of information and insight. "

"John's eclass, 'How to Write A Bestseller' is a masterpiece of information and insight. Even though I had completed my book, I was at a standstill of what to do next, having spent countless hours researching until John's email arrived announcing this course. I enrolled in John's eclass and went on to get my book published and win two awards!

That's part of John's magic. Whether you'd like to write a book, or you have one ready to go, John can guide you smoothly and quickly through the rough waters of book publishing. If you are lucky enough to come across John's ecourse, jump on it."

Terri Marie
Award-winning Author, Be the Hero of Your Own Game and One Minute Inspirations www.HeroBookOnline.com

  "...this is by far the best "

"So, you want to write a book?  You’ve been thinking about it for years. But you don’t know where to begin; or you’ve begun, but don’t know what to do next!

Let John Harricharan, book writing mentor-extraordinaire, guide you on your way. His course has changed my life. I am now the author of two books—one of which is an award-winning book—and also have a third one on the way. All of this was because of John’s course which I took just a few short years ago.

John wisely and expertly guides you through the intricacies of writing and book publishing. He really knows modern publishing inside-out. As well, he is a natural at honing in on exactly what you need and very skillful at astutely guiding you.

There are a lot of book writing programs out there, but this is by far the best!"

Yanni Maniates
Award-winning Author, Magical Keys to Self-Mastery: Creating Miracles in Your Life and Intuition is Easy and Fun: The Art and Practice of Developing Your Natural Born Gift of Intuition www.insideoutjourneys.com

 "...extremely practical, easy to follow..."

"In all sincerity, John is one of my favorite authors and his influence on my writing has been great, to say the least. When I heard about his e-course I just about jumped out of my office chair. The simple reason was that it has been a deep-seated desire of mine to write a 'real' book (we all know the credibility that comes with that) and I didn't have a clue as to where or how to start.

John has always pleasantly surprised me. His eclass has been nothing short of amazing -- extremely practical, easy-to-follow, inspirational and invaluable! I firmly believe that in EVERY person lies 'an author waiting to arrive', and thanks to John's e-course, I now am a published author!"

Rick Beneteau
Author, A Large Slice of Life to Go, Please

 "...one of the best I've ever seen"

"I've known John Harricharan for many years and am always amazed at the results his writing course is able to produce. Not only is John a fantastic, successful, award-winning, bestselling author, but he is also a master teacher who can show you how to write your own book and make it a great success.

I have featured John's books and the books of some of his authors in past issues of my print magazine called 'Bookdealers World'. I've been in the 'book' business for over a quarter of a century and can truly say that John's ecourse is one of the best I've ever seen."

Al Galasso,
Executive Director, North American Bookdealers Exchange

"...life has not been the same..."

"I had always wanted to write a book, but had no idea how to start. One day, I came upon John Harricharan's newsletter (Insight2000 ezine) and read about his writing, publishing and promotion eclass. I immediately registered for the class and my life has not been the same since then.

With John's help and guidance, my first book was written. But that was just the beginning; my book went on to become #1 at amazon.com. Also, I've already written many other books since I first took John's incredible writing eclass and all of them went to bestseller status in their categories in amazon.com. If you're as fortunate as I was to have a chance to take John's writing eclass, seize the opportunity without delay!"

Sri Vishwanath
Bestselling author of 11 transformational books including The Secret of Bhagavad Gita

 "Truly remarkable"

"John Harricharan is truly a master at what he does. I had never written a book, but always wanted to. The dream seemed so far-off that I had almost given up. Then along came John. His guidance was truly remarkable. Now, I am not just the author of one book, but a number of them."

Robert Kleine
Author, The Secret of the Twelve and One Soul

More reasons why you'll want to grab this rare opportunity to become an author of distinction:

You'll learn the secrets to getting foreign publishing rights and all the benefits that go with having your book published in different languages. My books are published in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Korean and Italian with the Russian, Romanian, Japanese and other versions coming soon.

The course includes information about how to get your book offered on amazon.com and how to drive the sales ratings up. I'll share many insiders' tips on how to enhance your book sales and ranking at amazon.com that will leave you stunned at their power and simplicity. Many promoters these days are giving just this bit of advice for prices ranging from $3,000 to $15,000. I think such prices are extremely inflated, but, then again, I will not judge other people's pricing structure. I'll just explain the process to you as part of this eclass.

I will tell you how and where to find some incredible marketing and promotional resources that could propel your book to the top with amazing speed.

I'll reveal the truth about book distributors and will explain why "more" doesn't mean "better" in the book selling business. I'll also reveal the one distributor I've used that could get your book into thousands of bookstores.

I'll also discuss many other topics such as: press releases, radio and TV interviews, literary agents, publicists, electronic rights, copyright and ISBN numbers, Internet sales, editors, editing, titles, marketing and promotion and much more.

I could go on and on explaining all the benefits you'll gain from this uncommon e-class, but that would take up too much space and I'd end up writing another book. After all, I want *you* to write *your* book.

I have personally taught these methods over the years in seminars and workshops. I've also offered this eclass over the Internet and you'll see later on in this letter the names and web addresses of some of the authors whose books were written and published because of my eclass. I am now again offering this important information in an eclass format. Because of the increased demand on my time, I do not offer this class on a regular schedule.

Before I continue, I need to point out a few, very important things:

First: I am not saying that you'll become the most successful author on Earth, although it's entirely possible. I don't make such promises. It would be absurd for me to do so. What I will do is provide you with a simple roadmap, point you along the way, walk with you for a few miles and hold your hand when or if you stumble. I'll put my heart and soul into helping you become a successful author. I've done it for others.

Second: There are many people who sell "how-to" information on writng and promoting books. I am sure some of them are very good at what they do and I applaud them. But the majority of people who sell such information and promise the sky have never written a successful book. As a matter of fact, I know of a few who have never even written a book at all. Choose your help wisely.

Third: This eclass will deal with both ebooks and print books. If you just want to write an ebook, no problem. I will show you how. If you prefer to do a book in print, you will get the information in this eclass. It's even better if you want to do both. Some of my books are in hard copy and some are ebooks, while a few are in both formats. There are advantages to both.

Fourth: If joining this special eclass will prove a financial challenge for you, please do not sign up at this time. I would not want you to put yourself under undue pressure. (The fee for this event is posted just before the sign-up link farther down this page.)

Examples of some of the books that have been written and published with my help (there are many more than are shown here). I've also included a few of my own books.

PowerPause AudioBook

Be the Hero of Your Own Game
by Terri Marie

The introduction to Be the Hero of Your Own Game was written by Joe Vitale, bestselling author of The Attractor Factor and way too many books to mention here. Terri's book has already won two awards and has also been exhibited at Book Expo America. The legendary Dottie Walters loves this book and mentions it every chance she gets.

PowerPause AudioBook

Get Carter -- Backstage in History from JFK's Assassination to the Rolling Stones
by William Carter

From humble Arkansas roots to JFK's Secret service, to being the manager for Reba McEntire (and other country stars) as well as shepherding the Rolling Stones through their US tour, Bill Carter has lived a life like no other. In "Get Carter," Bill weaves an amazing tale of power, romance, psychic readings and the dignity of an individual.

PowerPause AudioBook

Paradise, A Heartbeat Away -- A Spiritual Safari in Africa
by Constance van Dongen Eykman

Constance put together a book with heart-warming stories of her adventures in Africa. Today she lives in Holland, but this book was written while she was living in Africa. This just goes to show that it doesn't matter where you live, you can still take this eclass and become an author.

PowerPause AudioBook

Life and Other Options
by Anita Bergen

With my assistance, Anita put together a glowing anthology of inspirational quotes, which have brought comfort, joy and courage to many. I keep a copy of this book on my desk and return to it over and over again.

PowerPause AudioBook
Flung from the Edge by a Master
by Heather K. O'Hara

Heather O'Hara ended up writing, not one, but a number of books. She is also an award-winning poet whose inspirational articles, poetry and affirmations provide the reader with a great measure of peace, joy and hope.

Some of Heather's other masterpieces include "Axis: The Song in the Center of the Soul" and "Living on Level 7"

PowerPause AudioBook

The Secret of Bhagavad Gita
by Sri Vishwanath

Vish (he's called Vish for short) lives in Mumbai, India. Although he writes on various topics, all his books are filled with guidance for those looking for a more stress-free and fulfilling life. He even has great testimonials and endorsements from world-famous authors such as Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup for the Soul and others. He regularly achieves the #1 spot in his category on Amazon.com

PowerPause AudioBook

Dying Was the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me
by William E. Hablitzel, M.D.

Bill is a medical doctor with extraordinary credentials. Not only does he have his own medical practice, but he also teaches aspiring doctors. He claims that this book would never have been written had it not been for my eclass. He has testimonials from such giants as Wayne Dyer, Larry Dossey, Bernie Siegel and others. (I wrote the foreword for this wonderful book).

PowerPause AudioBook

Magical Keys to Self-Mastery
by Yanni Maniates

Yanni's book, Magical Keys to Self-Mastery: Creating Miracles in Your Life takes you by the hand and shows you that peace of mind is just a thought away. It is a primer on Meditation and Intuition. In its first year of publication, it won the Pinnacle Award for the best book of the Year in its category from North American Book Dealers Association. It was also showcased at Book Expo America in New York where it garnered high praise and testimonials.

When You Can Walk 
                on Water, Take the Boat

When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat
by John Harricharan

When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat is my award-winning bestseller. First published in the eighties, it quickly rose to fame as an "inspirational classic." Due to its steady sales and enthusiastic word-of-mouth promotion, this book has gone through many reprints. It's still growing strong today -- almost 25 years later -- and is available in print, kindle and audio formats as well as numerous European, Russian and Asian languages.

Morning Has Been 
                All Night Coming

Morning Has Been All Night Coming
by John Harricharan

The amazing sequel to When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat is Morning Has Been All Night Coming.

The "Waterbook" saga continues as we are shown how to cope with and overcome the most serious challenges life can offer. Truly inspirational... A life-changing read! The introduction was written by Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.


Journey in the Fields of 

 Journey in the Fields of Forever
by John Harricharan

The inspiring conclusion, Journey in the Fields of Forever, is the third (and last) book in the phenomenal "Waterbook" trilogy. This volume has become a favorite of many "Waterbook" fans. No one wants to miss this concluding episode.


John Harricharan's,

 The Special, Intuition Report
by John Harricharan

A concise, clear, step by step approach to learning how to tap into and use our intuition. Highly recommended special report for anyone interested in finding out how to use this special gift.

For many years, this short ebook has been selling nicely on the Internet. This goes to show that even a short ebook could earn a good amount of money.


The Twelve Power Principles

 The PowerPause --3 Minutes, 3 Steps... .
by John Harricharan

The PowerPause is currently in ebook format, but will be published as a print book later this year. As an ebook, it has performed exceedingly well and has even broken Internet records. It has been read by people all over the world and it continues to have a profound effect on many lives.

Here are the details:

Every week to ten days or so, starting with the first lesson I will email a lesson to you (there are five lessons), complete with an assignment. Your part is to study the lesson, work on the assignment and return it to me by email. There will be no pressure on you. Do the assignment at your own pace.

I will personally go through your assignment and answer your questions about the lesson. I'll provide you guidance with one thought in mind...

*To help you write and publish your very own book and turn it into a great success*

Now, I understand that money is not always the motivating factor for many authors. I certainly didn't write my books because of the potential earnings. But money certainly is a wonderful side benefit. And I don't know of anyone who couldn't use some extra income.

I believe that we are all in the "Express" business. Each and every one of us has a story to tell and no one else on Earth could tell it for us or express it the way we can.

I am totally convinced that the best books have not yet been written because they are still in the heads and hearts of you, me and millions of others. I also know that most of those books will never be written because most people think they have nothing to say.

But I will show you differently. I will explain to you the how and why of writing, publishing and promoting your book. Before the end of the e-class, you'll be well on your way to becoming, not just an author, but a successful and, perhaps, an award-winning author.

The cost of this e-class? I checked with some of my author friends for guidance. I asked them for a price range for a course covering the complete array of writing, publishing and promoting topics. Plus, this course would include my personal attention, assignments and one-on-one feedback.

Their responses ranged from $2,500 to $7,500. I know that most beginning writers are not millionaires (not yet, at least) and I wanted to make this course available to anyone who sincerely wants to write a book. But you don't have to pay $7,500 -- not even $2,500 or $1,500. I finally settled on a price of $995, but decided to do even better than that by making it $495.

Here's the deal:

Register for the e-class right away and the price will be $495. (You can even charge it to your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express through PayPal.) The time involved in preparing and teaching this e-class is more than the time it would take me to write another book.

And the course fee may even be tax deductible for you. Make sure to check with your tax accountant.

Because of the personal attention I'll be devoting to each student, this class must be limited to only a few participants. And because of the tremendous interest in this topic, I expect it to fill up very quickly. In the past when I offered this eclass, it was filled within a week and totally sold out.

And now...

If you're at all interested in becoming a successful author, please sign up for the eclass as soon as possible. You can contact me by email if you have any questions.

You can register immediately by clicking on the link below. You'll be taken directly to a page, which will give you two options to register. You can then make your payment through PayPal with a credit card, or by Check or Money Order.

Click Here to Register Now

In any event, I urge you to register as soon as possible.

After all these years, I still haven't found anything that even remotely approaches the joys and benefits of being a published author.

And to think that I almost failed my creative writing course! The story is on YouTube and you can watch it at this link:

Click Here to watch the video

Just goes to show you that you don't need to be an English major to be able to write a book. I'll show you just how simple it could be.

Imagine the feeling of walking into a bookstore and seeing your book(s) displayed in a prominent spot. (Perhaps a display for your upcoming book signing!) Think of the credibility that goes with becoming a published author. Or, seeing your book among the bestsellers on amazon.com

Or, better yet, think of the legacy you will leave your family, friends and the world. Long, long after I am gone, my books and the ideas they convey will live on in the hearts and minds of their readers. Your books could do the same.

So don't miss the chance to join this special class. It could lead you into one of the greatest, most joyful journeys of your life. Because of my schedule, I am not sure when I'll be offering this class again.

Thank you.

(John Harricharan)

P.S. Just as I have helped many authors before, I'll explain how simple it is to get your book into an ebook or print format and make it a success. Due to the specialized nature of the course material and the individual attention involved, I will have to limit this class size. Only a few spaces are available. So, if you're interested, please act right away. Because of the huge demand for this topic, these classes always fill up very quickly. The email is John@WriteABestseller.com and the phone number is
770-591-7650 (M-F- 9-4 ET)

P.P.S. One last thing. I ask all those who take my eclass to send me an autographed copy of their book when it's published. If it's an ebook, an emailed copy will suffice. On my bookshelves are many autographed books from those who have fulfilled a lifelong dream of becoming an author. I look forward to including your book among them.

Click Here to Register Now

"All that mankind has done, thought or been: it is lying as in magic preservation in the pages of books." ---Thomas Carlyle

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