Cruise Ship Towel Folding Towel Origami Instructions

Learn the secrets to towel origami, right from the comfort of your own home, using our easy to follow step-by-step online video tutorials. No pins, glue or sewing needed. Use your own towels. You’ll need an internet connection to view the heart-basket-webtutorials online. If you have a mailing address in the U.S.A., you can purchase our incredible 2 DVD set on how to make towel origami. YouTowel-Origami-Free must have a mailing address in the USA to purchase our DVDs. We are also offering free shipping this week. Sorry, we currently don’t ship our DVDs internationally. If you aren’t in the U.S.A., we have an online video tutorial viewing package, too. The following towel origami video tutorials are on our 2 DVD set and our online viewing membership page: 1: Elegant Swimming Swan. 2: Cute Jumbo Elephant. 3: Performing Seal Balancing A Ball. 4: Silly Snail. 5: Elegant Folded Shirt. 6: Hilarious Chicken. 7: Super Stingray. 8: Deluxe Sweetheart Swans That Form A towel origami skunk cruise ship towel animalsHeart. 9: Terrific Turtle. 10: Romantic Heart Filled Basket. 11: Cuddly Puppy. 12: Sweet Skunk 13: Wedding / Birthday Cake. 14: Peacock. Bonus segments include: 1: Wedding proposal idea using the Heart Filled Basket. 2: See a towel origami elephant folded at normal speed. 3: See a towel origami swan folded at normal speed. 4: Towel folding hygiene. 5: Introduction to towel folding volume one. 6: Introduction to towel folding volume two. 7: Redesign a room with towel creations. 8: Towel folding additional thoughts. Towel folding display options. 9: Types of towels to use. 10: Accessory tips. 11: Towel sizes.

On our online membership video tutorials we include all the videos from our DVDs and you’ll also learn how to make the following creations that are not on our DVDs: 1: Hanging Monkey (our most requested tutorial). 2: Rabbit. 3: Baby Bunny. 4:Heart. 5: Butterfly. 6: Something we like the call “The Thing”. Between the towel origami creation tutorials and the other video towel origami tip segments, there are over 30 videos on the online membership! You can’t download the video tutorials. You must be online to view them. If you’ve ever used NetFlix or Hulu, it’s kind of like that. All video tutorials, even those on our DVDs & bonuses are on our online video membership website. No need to wait for the DVDs in the mail to get started!  – The online viewing option membership is open again for a very limited time. We will be closing the doors on it soon. 


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14 towel origami creation tutorials plus towel accessory tips and other bonus videos on 2 DVDs.
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14 towel origami creation tutorials plus towel accessory tips and other bonus videos on 2 DVDs.  
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cruise ship towel folding towel origami instructor teacher host

What others are saying about our Cruise Ship Towel Folding tutorial videos:

“These are charming DVDs well produced with great content. My sons absolutely loved helping me fold the various figures. The boys even created their own (rather interesting) sculptures afterwards. Besides the intended viewership (hotel staff, cruise ship lines, crafters, etc.) these DVDs would be a great gift for kids and parents / grandparents alike.

– Michael S. – Nebraska


GREAT DVDs. I loved them both. Well worth the money. My daughter and her friends are actually watching, learning and folding – they LOVE them.

– Scott D. – New York


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Our towel folding creations have been featured on TV and in magazines.


Towel origami talk show guest Fox17 news

fox2 news kam talk show guest morning news guestMike Avery Fox17 Grand Rapids with towel folding / towel origami expert


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19 thoughts on “Cruise Ship Towel Folding Towel Origami Instructions

  1. Are NEW towel origami creation videos added to the online memberships periodically?

    Thank You,

    • I’ve added 6 new videos to the online membership page since it started. That’s 20 total towel origami creations (14 from my DVDs + 6 that I made after the DVDs were released) plus all the other videos on how to display the towels, etc. If I come up with other creations, I’ll film them and put them online. At the moment, I don’t have any videos in the works, but that could change in a hurry. I have a couple of ideas in mind for new creations. My online members will be the first to hear about them.

    • Hi Deon,

      I’m not sure if I understand your question. When you become a member of my site you can learn the towel origami creations mentioned on my main page. That’s the 14 towel origami creations off of my DVDs and an additional 6 towel origami creations that aren’t on the DVDs. I also have tutorial videos on the online membership on what types of towels to buy, etc. As long as you are online you can sign in as long as your membership / site is active.

      I hope this answered your question.


  2. I woukd like to know if u make a book bc i dont watch a dvd.bc i am a mother.of two babe.boys but i would lime to know how yo do.this for work

    • It takes less time to watch our DVDs than read a book on the subject. We decided to produce our DVDs after buying books on the subject that were very confusing. Seeing the demonstrations on how to make towel origami creations step by step in a video is so much easier to learn from than reading instructions in a book and only seeing a couple of still photos. Our online tutorials might be the best option for you since you can watch them on your computer or wherever you are. Many people in the housekeeping industry make towel origami creations to impress their guests. This usually brings in better tips for them. I wish you the best of luck.

  3. Hello John,
    I just wanted to thank you for your exciting and educational videos. My favorite towel origami art was the long elephant… If only I had some goofy glasses for him!
    I would like to know more about you. You mentioned your daughter in your video, does she like to make towel origami too? My parents and I had a great time making towel animals, and laughed a lot at all the cute animals. It is so cold where we live, so we have to always find new ways to stay entertained.
    Thanks for all of your 100% clean entertainment, and for bringing my family together!

    • Thank you for your nice comments. For some reason I didn’t get the notice that it was on here. Sorry for the delay in responding. My daughter that I mentioned in the DVDs is now in her 2nd year in college. We enjoy seeing everyone’s towel origami creations and we’re always happy to hear people love making towel origami. Thanks again for writing. Have a wonderful weekend. – John

  4. this stuff is Magic!! I taught how to fold a monkey in a Religious school class where we were discussing Noah and the ark…. The kids response was amazing! They wanted to know when we’re making turtles!! (shhhh…..when they come back in September)
    Your directions are so easy.
    Wonder how we could do a giraffe??
    Thanks for helping me create one of my most fun classes ever…..

    • This made my day! Thanks for letting me know about this. I think a giraffe might be possible, but would need some extras attached to make the ears, mini horns, spots, etc. It would probably be a neck and head kind of like my snail has. Hmmmmm….. now you have me thinking. 🙂 Thanks again. – John

  5. As a Rabbi, I started to teach the kids how to make the simple ones (snake, etc.) for a sunday school lesson…. Now they won’t stop hounding me for more….. any ideas for “easy ones” that I can do with the kids??
    Can you come to Florida and teach them (and me?)
    You started this-it’s your fault….

    • I’m so happy they are enjoying it. The swan, shirt, rabbit, elephant, heart, snail … are all pretty easy. It might be cool to see what towel origami creations they can come up with on their own after learning some of the folds. That’s how I came up with my version of the snail. I made a swan and realized with a couple extra moves it would make a snail body, too. Please be sure to post pictures of their creations on my Facebook page:

  6. I bought the 2 dvd set “cruise ship towel folding with John Pullum”. I was wondering if you have instructions for making a dove.

    • The basic swan might work as a dove, if you don’t bend the neck over that much. Just fold the head part down a little to make the beak. You can accordion fold 2 washcloths for wings on each side. That would probably be perfect! Please post a photo of your final product on our Facebook fan page! 🙂 Thanks!

  7. John-
    Funny rabbi here.
    Sorry to hear you’re going through with your “threat” to shut this part of your life down.
    I’ll miss the site which is why I bought the 3 set package…. just checking: the order did go through right?
    Please let me know if I messed up and it didn’t…..
    Many thanks….