BUSY - Time crunched men and women who want to lose belly fat WITHOUT using hard exercise, a single piece of gym equipment and gimmicky celebrity starvation diets.

Could It Really Be Possible To Destroy Stubborn Belly Fat, Look Years Younger WITHOUT Ever Stepping Foot In A Gym In Just 20 Seconds?

"The Answer Will Shock You!"

Breakthrough Research Has Proven That ALL You Need Is This 20 Second Technique To Improve Fitness Levels and Lose 9 Times More Belly Fat Than Running, Jogging, Cycling or Any Other Traditional Exercise.

Plus:  The Shocking Reason That Losing Fat Requires Unlocking This One Chemical Compound Stored Deep Within Your Fat Cells.

7th March 2018

Dear Friend,

Imagine for a second…melting fat off your body, get lean, fit and ripped muscle in less time per day than it takes to read this page.

Would you believe me?

What if I told you that all you need is just FOUR minutes a day WITHOUT using any fancy gym equipment, expensive memberships or grueling cardio to get the body you really want all in the comfort of your own home using the MAGIC number of 20 seconds.

Would you think I was out of my mind?

What you'll discover today is a new solution that has shamed the most esteemed fitness experts, trainers and leading doctors.

There’s been quite a misconception as to the amount of time you need to workout to lose fat and  “how” fat is actually lost in the first place.

For quite a while, leading doctors believed that when we lose fat it turns into energy...

...The truth of the matter is, it's NOT!

The good news is that we now KNOW how fat is lost and the exact amount of time it takes to lose that's not what you think.

Even more astounding is this:  the TRUE cause is a fairly monumental discovery that goes back a long, long time.  It just has not come into the mainstream until recently.

It's remained so hidden, that you're never heard anything about it and if you or someone you love is suffering from being overweight...This could very well be the only answer.

The secret is a chemical compound found hidden deep inside your fat cells.

If you find yourself struggling to lose fat, not have enough hours in the day, don’t have access to expensive gym equipment, don’t have the money for a gym membership and are sick of spending hundreds of dollars on pills, powders and potions that left you with empty promises, but DO WANT TO:

  • Build lean, strong sexy muscle
  • Feel comfortable in your clothes
  • Melt fat off your body almost from day ONE
  • And…Get all the benefits is just FOUR TOTAL MINUTES a day
  • Increase Testosternoe
  • BOOST Confidence

Then this 20 second technique will be your fat loss breakthrough you’ve been dying for.

First let me introduce myself...

Hi. I'm Tim Ernst and I used to hit the gym 6 days a week, but the recent diagnoses of my sons severe "Type A" hemophilia left me and my wife devastated.

What's even more heart-breaking is that he was diagnosed on his first birthday.

Severe hemophilia is a blood disorder.  People who have hemophilia and get injured by getting a cut or an opened wound, do not have the necessary blood clotting factors to clot and stop the bleeding.  Essentially the bleeding takes longer to stop and if left untreated could be dangerous.

Also, people with severe hemophilia get bruised very easily and can have internal bleeding that could potentially be fatal.

My newborn son will have to get 2-3 infusions a week (injections) for the rest of his life.

Knowing all this has left me in a state of depression lacking the motivation, time and energy to do the thing I'm most passionate about, working out.

With all the doctors appointments, hospital visits, there's just NO time to workout anymore until I stumbled upon a 20 second metabolic technique that would allow me to stay at home with my family when they need me the most.

If You're A Man or Woman Who Wants to Burn The Most Amount Of Fat In The Shortest Time Possible In The Comfort Of Your Own Home WITHOUT Picking Up A Weight...Keep Reading.

I’m in my 40’s and live an extremely busy lifestyle, but the recent diagnoses of my sons hemophilia has left me almost no time to workout at all.

Most men and women would use this as an excuse to stop working out, and become your typical couch potato.

It makes perfect sense that busy people like you and I need something short, but still effective enough to get the body you crave.

Based on this, I discovered an unusual 20 second technique that not only burns the same calories as 45-60 minutes of steady-state exercise, but there's also a significant "after burn" effect, where an additional 150 calories are being burned up to 12 hours after you're done.

The Answer Is Found In The Number 20 And Your Fat Cells

Research Conducted At UNSW Science in Sydney Calculated Exactly What Happens To Our Fat When We Lose It & Revealed That Doctor's Leading Theories Are WRONG!

In a new study, scientists explain the fate of fat in a human body, and through precise calculations, debunk some common misconceptions. Fat doesn't simply "turn into" energy or heat.

The researchers showed that during weight loss, 84 percent of the fat that is lost turns into carbon dioxide and leaves the body through the lungs, whereas the remaining 16 percent becomes water. [1]

What does this mean?   We "exhale" fat.

These results show that the lungs are the primary excretory organ for weight loss.

The researchers estimate that by substituting one hour of sedentary lounging with exercise—to increase your respiratory rate—your metabolic rate is increased 7 times!

This basically means the more you exhale carbon dioxide the more fat you lose!


Before you go outside and jog or do an hour of cardio to exhale more C02, I have to warn you not all exercises are created equal.

It's become quite clear that focusing on LONG slow endurance-type exercises, such as running on a treadmill, is both time-consuming, jack up a stress hormone in your body called cortisol, suppress your T3 hormone (thyroid), leptin levels responsible for managing your weight and actually keep you fat.

High doses of cortisol from long and stressful cardiovascular exercise will actually force your body to go into “protection mode” and make you store more fat around your waistline.

And it turns into the frustrating stubborn fat that’s almost impossible to lose as long as your cortisol are elevated.

Worse… it’s the type of fat that increases your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Research Shows 9 Times More Fat Loss In 20 Second Red Zone Training™

Red Zone Training™, offers the best of both worlds: it's quick and incredibly effective, offering maximized calorie burn, optimized fat burning and other benefits (like increased production of human growth hormone (HGH), also known as "the fitness hormone").

2 Canadian scientists divided 27 inactive, healthy, non-obese adults (13 men, 14 women, 18 to 32 years old) into two groups. They subjected one group to a 20-week aerobic endurance zone training program of uninterrupted cycling 4 or 5 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes; the intensity level began at 60% of heart rate reserve and progressed to 85%. (For a 30-year-old, this would mean starting at a heart rate of about 136 and progressing to roughly 170 bpm, which is more intense than usually prescribed for weight or fat loss.)

The other group did a 15-week program including mainly Red Zone Training™. Much like the Aerobic Endurance Zone group, they began with 30-minute sessions of continuous exercise at 70% of maximum heart rate reserve (remember, they were not accustomed to exercise), but soon progressed to 10 to 15 bouts of short (15 seconds progressing to 30 seconds) or 4 to 5 long (60 seconds progressing to 90 seconds) intervals separated by recovery periods allowing heart rate to return to 120-130 beats per minute.

The intensity of the short intervals was initially fixed at 60% of the maximal work output in 10 seconds, and that of the long bouts corresponded to 70% of the individual maximum work output in 90 seconds. Intensity on both was increased 5% every three weeks.

As you might expect, the total energy cost of the Aerobic Endurance Zone program was substantially greater than the Red Zone Training™ program. The researchers calculated that the Aerobic Endurance Zone group burned more than twice as many calories while exercising than the Red Zone Training™ program. But (surprise, surprise) skin-fold measurements showed that the 20second Red Zone Training™ group lost more subcutaneous fat. “Moreover,” reported the researchers, “when the difference in the total energy cost of the program was taken into account…, the subcutaneous fat loss was nine-fold greater in the Red Zone Training™ program than in the Aerobic Endurance Zone program.” [2]

In short, the Red Zone Training™ group got 9 times more fat-loss benefit for every calorie burned exercising.

The Answer To Losing More Fat For Time Crunched Men and Women WITHOUT Using Hard Exercise Or Using a Single Piece Of Gym Equipment & Gimmicky Celebrity Starvation Diets Is To:

"Exhale" More Carbon Dioxide Within Fat Cells Using 20 Second Red Zone Training™

When Red Zone Training™ was performed 3-4 times per week for six weeks, participants in one experiment increased their anaerobic capacity by 28 percent, and their VO2 max (an indicator of cardiovascular health) and maximal aerobic power by 15 percent.

This is in contrast to the control group, who performed an hour of steady cardiovascular exercise on a stationary bike five times a week. These participants improved their VO2 max by just 10 percent, and their regimen had no effect on their anaerobic capacity.

The workout even activates mitochondrial biogenesis, or the formation of new mitochondria, in skeletal muscle, a decline of which is common in aging. [3]

Now that you know carbon dioxide from fat cells must be "exhaled" through Red Zone Training™, I want to introduce to you:


With Body Blitz MAX You Now Can Have A Lean and Ripped Body By Using 20 Second Intervals Totaling 4 Minutes A Day, 3 Days A Week WITHOUT Any Infomercial Gym Gadgets,  Long Grueling Workouts, Weights Or Starvation Diets.

Heck, You Don't Even Have To Leave Your Living Room!

Now for those of you that have been doing only slow, traditional cardio, switching over to Red Zone Training™ 2-3 times per week is going to be the fat loss equivalent of throwing a lit, gasoline soaked rag on a pile of dry kindling.

As you saw from Laval University study in 1994 compared Red Zone Training™ to Aerobic Endurance Zone training – straight up – over a 12 week training period.

Subjects that used Red Zone Training™ had better results. They lost more fat. You can’t argue with that.

And second, Red Zone Training™ causes a metabolic signaling that virtually "shrinks" your fat cells.

Due to the high-intensity nature of Red Zone Training™, there is more “signaling” applied to your fat cells. That means more carbon dioxide from fat cells being "exhaled" as you just discovered.

Now I know that sounds very technical, but all you need to understand is that when all this extra activity goes on at the cell level, the more fat you lose.

And when your body uses more energy, it means, in laymen’s terms, that you are burning more calories.

Using This 20 Second Technique For Just 4 Minutes A Day, 3 Days A Week And You'll Trigger More Fat Loss Than What Most People Do In A Hour Of Grueling Cardio.

Hundreds of thousands of busy men and women from around the globe are now using Red Zone Training™ to successfully lose body fat, get lean sexy muscle, fit and strong.

As you already saw, a challenge began for me this year with my son being diagnosed with hemophilia and I have 2 other children who need me as well!  If you have kids, you know the challenges you have with time.

With that, I had a very specific goal in mind…

Develop a short but very effective workout that even the busiest men and women in the world could do, that would take one tenth of the time, and still produce phenomenal results.

Imagine getting an hour's worth of exercise in the time it takes for your dinner to come out of the microwave!  Or squeezing in a full body workout on your lunch break.  Or even during a commercial break while watching your favorite TV show!

Imagine waking up every morning feeling lighter, leaner and muscle where you used to see fat.  Playing with your kids before you get tired.  Walking up a flight of stairs without feeling winded.

If you are sick and tired of extreme starvation diets that don’t work, cardio that's boring and take to long producing minimal results, don’t have the time or money for expensive gym memberships, get ready to party because Now You’ll Finally Lose Fat, Get Lean, Fit and Ripped... Using This 20 Second Technique In Just FOUR Minutes a Day... Without Ever Going To The Gym... and With No Fancy Equipment.

I Have To Warn You...Body Blitz Max Is Not For You If:

  • You want a wimpy personal trainer to coddle and take it easy on you,.
  • You don't have 4 minutes or 240 seconnds a day, 3 times a week to workout
  • Your to old or out of shape to perform any physical activity.
  • Your one of those people that buys a fitness product just to leave it on your desktop collecting digital dust.
  • You don't want to change the way you are eating. We cover some very simple, basic dietary changes that you will need to make to see results come extra fast.

Body Blitz Max are for those desperately seeking to find an effective way to burn pounds of belly and body fat in the shortest time possible WITHOUT long and grueling workouts.

Now You’ll Finally Lose Fat, Get Lean, Fit and Ripped... In Just FOUR Minutes a Day... Without Ever Going To The Gym... and With No Fancy Equipment.

Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll experience when you try this effective FOUR MINUTE Workout:

  • Feel and see genuine results within as little as 7 days
  • Turn your metabolism into a fat burning furnace, so it works 24 hours a day
  • Lose up to 15 pounds in ONLY 6 weeks
  • Turn your heart into a powerful aerobic machine
  • Build the lean, sleek physique of a gymnast
  • Workout out anytime anywhere WITHOUT weights or grueling and long workouts
  • Increases Testosterone. And… Testosterone is King…
  • BOOST the confidence you need.

Now that you've seen how powerful Red Zone Training™ is and everything your going to get in Body Blitz Max, I want to sweeten the port for you and make it a no-brainer because I want you to succeed.  I’ve decided to include these two never before released value-added-bonuses below...

BONUS:   3 Fat Loss Hacks to Bust Through a Plateau

3 Fat Loss Hacks

One of the most stubborn areas to burn fat is your lower belly. It's no secret that diet and exercise play a major role for weight loss to occur.

In this 18 page special bonus, you'll discover 3 very effective fat loss hacks that will destroy and bust through and fat loss plateau for beginners or advanced.

BONUS:  9 Food Poisons to AVOID

9 Food Poisons to AVOID

Did you know there are NINE major food poisons lurking in our food and water supply that are destroying your health and making it difficult for fat loss?

You MUST learn what these are and avoid them like the plague.

Fortunately, here are all 9 in this 13 page bonus that you can start reading in just a few seconds...

Don’t fall victim to these food poisons any longer!

Like I said, I wanted this to be a no-brainer for you. A complete done for you system that boosts fat burning in just 12 minutes per week all in the comfort of your own home.

So Again, How Much Do You Feel All Of This Would Be Worth To You?

In the beginning I would have sold this entire system to my clients for $179 ON TOP of what I was already charging for “my virtual training." I’ve had guys offer me upwards of $500/month just to learn these same secrets I’m sharing with you... And eventually I plan on raising the price of Body Blitz Max to the original value...

However, because I’m releasing this to the public for the first time, I’m seeking out 100 personal testimonials and transformation pictures for my BIG launch of the program later this year.

You’ve proven you’re serious about building a lean and shredded physique while activating your youth hormones so I trust you’ll set aside 240 seconds a day, 3 days a week and follow this plan to the “T”. For that reason, I’m going to practically give away this program for a pre sale release discount of over 80% off at just a one-time investment of $9.

Click The“BUY NOW” Button Below To See If You Still Qualify For The Pre-Release Discount Price of Only $9

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And you know what? I’m so confident you’ll see incredible results that I’ll put ALL the risk on me....

Burn Fat In ONLY 4 Minutes A Day, 3 Days A Week Or Your Money Back

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed or You Will Receive a 100% Full Refund!

If you’re not satisfied with Body Blitz Max and for some reason you do not notice any changes, simply return it and you’ll be given a full refund when you delete all files from your computer, mobile or any other electronic device.

I’m putting my butt on the line because I experienced the powerful impact this same program had on my physique, sex life, and confidence so I know it can do the same for you.

This is a No-Risk Offer, so what do you have to lose? Nothing, except for all that stubborn stomach fat and love handles that have been hanging around way too long!

Skeptical?  You Should Be!

Look, I know you've seen the bogus and hyped up ads on TV.

They convince you that you can get the body you want using some new revolutionary gym gadget for $19.95.

Or that by just taking some over-hyped magic pill powder, extreme crash diet, you'll become a ripped to the bone like the magazine cover models.

I don't want you to believe that you can get even better results in just 4 minutes a day.

I want you to TRY and PROVE it to yourself.

Because there's nothing I can say or do that's as important as your own personal results.

I'm not going to try to convince you that this 20 second technique, four minute workouts can take you to the next level with your physique goals.

Whether you're trying to lose the first of 100 pounds, or wanting to move around quicker without feeling winded.

I want to show you WHY this Red Zone Training™ WORKS. And then make it SO EASY for you to prove it for yourself that you can't think of any reason NOT to take 240 SECONDS out of your day for a few days and experience the results for yourself!

It doesn't matter if you've never worked out a day in your life, if the only exercise you get is walking to your job from the parking lot, or if you've been training for years, but want to get better results in less time.

The Twenty Second Technique, Four Minute Workout is for you.

And it couldn't be easier.

Just follow along with me as I workout with you.  You’ll see exactly how perform the exercises, in real-time. And you'll be told exactly how when to start and how long to rest.

I have to warn you though, these workouts are NOT for wimps!

Even though these workouts are ONLY 4 minutes total in duration, these 4 minutes will be tough.

There may be some times that you are not able to get through the workout.

You’ll be out of breath by exhaling all that carbon dioxide hidden deep within your fat cells.

You’ll be pushing your physical limits.

But this is exactly how to get the BEST results you truly desire.

To be totally honest with you if you can’t handle just 240 seconds, you might want to hand over your man card!

Why It’s Just $9...

I’m only charging $9 for 3 very specific reasons.

Reason 1:  $9 puts this in the hands of the vast majority of people looking for a science based program that unleashes fat burning hormones responsible for fat loss.

Reason 2:  You're looking for an effective workout WITHOUT spending ANY time in the gym or even lifting a single weight.

Reason 3:  Anyone who does not take a serious interest in changing their body in just 240 seconds a day for ONLY $9 well...I don't really understand, it's a no-brainer.

Please Don't go another day by NOT working out, or wasting your valuable time on some old cardio machine

And if you still claim that you can't fit by using this 20 second technique 4-minute workout, then I'd suggest you find a good time management course.

Seriously...your health is your greatest asset and of the upmost importance.

Make it a priority and watch how amazing you'll start to feel (and look) every day!

Don't be like all of the other fat lazy people out there with the beer bellies, love handles, muffing tops that use a million and one excuses as to why they "don't have time” to work out. Four minutes a day...that's it. No excuses!

What Happens Next Is Your Choice:

Your decision is required

Click The“BUY NOW” Button Below To See If You Still Qualify For The Pre-Release Discount Price of Only $9

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"Train HARD, Eat SMART and Pursue Your DREAMS!"

-Tim Ernst

You Have Questions?  I Got Answers

What is Body Blitz Max and how does It work?

ANSWER:   Body Blitz Max is a unique bodyweight interval style workout and from studies has proven to release carbon dioxide levels within fat cells FASTER, stop per-mature aging, raise human growth hormone and burn fat in the shortest time possible.

Research shows 12 minutes of Body Blitz Max workouts each week is just the right amount of exercise for maximal fat loss and you can do it all in the comfort of you own home.

Does long distance running cause health problems?

ANSWER:   YES! According to a study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology,

People who performed intense cardio suffered from decreased T3 hormone production. (Eur J Appl Physiol. 2003 Jan; 88(4-5):480-4.)

T3 is the hormone produced by your thyroid to burn fat. When you do cardio, your body reacts to the stress by suppressing this fat burning hormone. This means your body starts gaining fat immediately. Why? Because your body needs the fat to function.

Cardio increases the stress hormone cortisol.

(Skoluda, N., Dettenborn, L., et al. Elevated Hair Cortisol Concentrations in Endurance Athletes. Psychoneuroendocrinology. September 2011.)

Cortisol is associated with heart disease, cancer and visceral belly fat. That’s the kind of fat that hangs around your waist and gives you that disgusting pear shape. If cortisol and T3 weren’t bad enough…During long, slow and boring cardio – your appetite also increases.

Have you ever CRAVED sugary food after you finish a long run? I’m sure you have and it’s all because your body gets very greedy for food after you finish your cardio session. In fact, your body overreacts to cardio like a dramatic teenager, causing you to eat more and more food. Even worse, you always end up eating more fat-gaining calories AFTER you work out which means that you gain more and more weight.

A recent article in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that:

Cardio causes immense oxidative damage and a flood of free radicals to the body.

(Cakir-Atabek, H., Demir, S., Pinarbassili, R., Bunduz, N. Effects of Different Resistance Training Intensity on Indices of Oxidative Stress. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. September 2010. 24(9), 2491-2498.)

Free radicals are molecules that cause rapid aging in your body. During cardio, your body is filled with free radicals that wander around your bloodstream and attack your cells like a street thug. Not only do free radicals cause damage to all your organs…doing cardio also damages your skin and makes you look older.

Who is Body Blitz Max Not For?

ANSWER:   Body Blitz Max is s not for those who like to do long and boring cardio.  Body Blitz Max are for those who want to burn fat in the shortest time possible without having to step foot in the gym or lifting a single weight.

Click The“BUY NOW” Button Below To See If You Still Qualify For The Pre-Release Discount Price of Only $9

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Can I use PayPal to Checkout?

ANSWER:   Yes. You can securely purchase Body Blitz Max using your PayPal account or any major debit or credit card.

Is my credit card and personal information safe?

ANSWER:   Absolutely. When you click the “buy now” button you’ll be taken to ClickBank’s 100% secure payment form. Your credit card and personal information is electronically processed without compromise. Clickbank is a Top 100 global retailer, accredited by the Better Business Bureau and trusted with over 200 million customers in more than 190 countries.

Who is ClickBank?

ANSWER:   Clickbank is a global platform where digital product creators can share their information with millions of customers on a 100% secure network. Only after being approved through a strict authorization process and showing evidence on all written claims can a product creator sell their program using this platform. Clickbank’s stern approval process ensures only high quality products and valid information is given to all customers.

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[1]  R. Meerman, A. J. Brown. When somebody loses weight, where does the fat go? BMJ, 2014; 349 (dec16 13): g7257 DOI: 10.1136/bmj.g7257


[2] Impact of Exercise Intensity on Body Fatness and Skeletal Muscle Metabolism (