"How to Make The "Easy" Forehand Every Time!"

Find Out How You Can Cut Your Unforced Forehand Errors in Half (Or More)

Dear Friend,  

How would it feel if you could cut your unforced errors in half (or more) on your forehand?  

What if you could make the “easy” forehand every time?  

Hi, my name is Ramon Osa. I’ve been coaching tennis for 13 years. I’ve studied with some of the best coaches in the world and recently I spent a morning tracking a match between two 4.0 level players at the local park.  

And out of 63 points, 31 of them were lost on UNFORCED ERRORS!  

(That’s 48% of all of the points lost on unforced errors).  

These weren’t balls that were hit 100 mph either. These were balls that were seemed to be saying “see what you can do with this!”  

It’s frustrating isn’t it?  

You’re in a point, or a rally, and your opponent sends one of those “nothing special” shots at you.  

You know… 

Average power, average spin, average placement…  

A shot that you feel you should not only be able to handle, but do something offensive with.  

But that’s not what happens is it?  

You set up, you’re prepared to deliver a powerful shot that will make you the hero.  

but you either dump it into the net or miss the court completely.  

I know how you feel, trust me…Nothing is more deflating (or embarrassing).  

I mean, why do we miss these easy shots?  

It’s a good question isn’t it?  

We shouldn’t miss them… but we do.  

Look, I started playing tennis as a shy, overweight 16 year old boy with no private lessons. I had no clue what “good technique” was. I just tried to get it in.  

And when I wanted to really “go for it”… I just swung harder (and usually missed).  

I got to a pretty respectable level (3.0) through sheer time on the court, because I was OBSESSED with tennis (still am) and wanted to get better.  

Unfortunately, I couldn’t hit 5 forehands in a row in the same place, on purpose. 

Even when they were "easy" shots!  

It was so painful being in matches against players, trying to hit “good shots” and missing long, into the net, and in some cases…over the fence.  

Maybe you can relate...  

How do you feel when you miss easy shots?  

Do you get that same sick feeling in your stomach after you dump an easy ball into the net as I do?  

What if you could rip those easy shots with your forehand CONFIDENTLY and CONSIsTENTLY? 

How would that feel?  

Well, I’ve got some good news for you.  

I’ve created a program that I call... 

“How to Make the Easy Forehand Every Time  

And if you want to:  

  •  Confidently and consistently rip your forehand with accuracy  
  • Cut your unforced errors in half (or more) so you can frustrate and outhit your opponents…  
  • Build a real, solid foundation to develop your forehand into a weapon that is a difference maker in every match you play  

…Then just relax and keep reading.  

You see, the thing I forgot to mention is I hit a breaking point in my tennis game.  

I was playing got my college tennis intramural championship, serving for the match in front of all of my teammates (including the girl I was secretly interested in)… 

And I literally double faulted away our hopes of becoming school champions.  

I've never felt so inadequate and humiliated in my life. I was sick about it for months.

Luckily though, this spurred action…  

And I decided that night, while I was drowning my sorrows in a few too many Coronas (this was college afterall), that I would learn from the best tennis coaches in the world.  

And that’s exactly what I did.  

I reached out to current and former coaches of Pete Sampras, Serena Williams, Andy Roddick, and Maria Sharapova.  

And I started studying them. I studied the way they taught the fundamentals to all of the best players in the world.  

And even though each coach had their own “style”… there were certain things that they ALL taught.  

Secrets that were universal to a rock solid forehand foundation.  

Bit by bit, the “mystery” of forehand power, consistency and accuracy began to disappear…  

In fact, you’ll be happy to know that there is a process that just about any functioning person can follow… that guarantees a powerful, accurate, and consistent forehand.  

I tested this process out on myself, and I transformed myself from a 3.0 into a 5.0 player in just over 4 years.  

And my new forehand was a big reason WHY.  

It went from liability to weapon amazingly quickly, once I learned and began to master the principles and techniques in this course.  

But I wouldn’t assume that just because it worked for me, that it would work for you. That would be silly…  

That’s why I started teaching this very same process to my high paying clients… and the results have been absolutely phenomenal!  

"When you said cut your unforced errors in half, you weren't kidding." - Nick Snow NTRP 3.0

"It's such a great course. What I love is that each step adds a small piece, and the confidence that I get from having that much success so early makes me love practicing. I can safely say when you said "cut your unforced errors in half, you weren't kidding!"

"My Forehand Has Never Been More Consistent" - Jason Wolk, NTRP 4.0

"I missed way too many easy forehands. I never charted a match... but I'd imagine I was in that 50% range or higher in terms of unforced errors. Thank you so much for helping me this issue. Every time I go through the progressions, my confidence goes up because I know I'm building a great foundation for my forehand. I've even gotten significantly more power because of the techniques you point out. Anybody who is a serious tennis player and makes too many unforced forehand errors needs this course!"

"I'm Winning More Matches" - Meg Ladge NTRP 3.5

"I play singles and doubles in a women's 3.5 league. And I can't tell you how much of a difference this program has made in my game. I'm winning more matches because my errors have gone way down. They call me "the backboard" now!" 

You see, as one of my first coaches said: “power thrills… but consistency KILLS.”  

Ask yourself this question: 

What percentage of points do you lose because of unforced errors?  



What if you could cut your total number of unforced errors in half (or more)? What kind of impact would that have on your game?  

Imagine going into a match KNOWING, that your forehand was going to hold up under pressure.  

Imagine playing doubles and knowing that you had the ability to stay in a cross court forehand rally until your partner could joyfully poach off the oncoming ball.  

How would that feel?  

But how does “How to Make The Easy Forehand Every Time” work?  

It’s pretty simple.  

It’s a simple, 10 step process that takes you by the hand and progressively gives you “all the pieces to the forehand puzzle”.  

All you need is a wall, ball machine, or a friend feeding you balls.  

Now you may be thinking “10 steps sounds like a lot of steps, Ramon… that seems overwhelming”…  

And it IS a lot of steps, but it’s anything but overwhelming. The best part is, this process is really all about taking “one logical step after another”, and I promise, that at no point will you ever feel overwhelmed.

You'll be learning the fundamentals of a Rock-Solid Forehand, Step by Step!  

After giving this “almost magical” series of drills a go, you’ll be able to confidently and consistently hit your forehand just about wherever you want.

And Just think...

All you need is a wall, ball machine, or friend!!!


Now you’re probably thinking: 

“Sounds interesting. How much?”  

First off, I want you to know that I made this course originally to be packaged with The Simple Forehand 2.0. Together for $197. And with everything you get in it, it’s more than worth it.  

But you don’t have to spend $197 today.  

Not even half that.  

In fact as part of this special introductory offer, you can get “How to Make The Easy Forehand Every Time” today, for... 

Just $47!!!! 

And that includes the entire 10 mini lessons with me walking you through how to execute each confidence building exercise successfully. 

You can get it by clicking here! 

The cool part is the videos are fully downloadable, so you can take them with you on the court.  

And as with all of my products and services, it comes with a 100% lifetime money back guarantee.  

But you know what, since you’re a friend and you stayed until the end of this little presentation I want to do something special for you.  

If you order today, I want to give you “The Best Transition Drill Ever” FREE, as my gift to you. ($47 Value)

In this video lesson, I walk you through the single most powerful drill I’ve ever seen for learning how to turn a short ball (which you’ll be producing regularly with this new forehand of yours) into an open invitation to the net, where you can close out the point.  

This is a $47 value that I’m going to include FOR FREE when you purchase today. 

You may be thinking, "can I actually do this?"

The beauty of "How to Make The Easy Forehand Every Time" is, it doesn't require any elite athleticism, flexibility, power, or anything because it harnesses the power of physics and science in a very simple, elegant series of drills.

In fact, this course has worked for my good friend Bill who just turned 76 years old. His unforced errors have never been lower.

Now you may also be thinking "Why would I spend $47 of my hard earned dollars on a course that has information probably available for free on youtube?"

Well, these exact 10 steps MAY be available on youtube... somewhere. But the sequencing of these drills is what makes this course so powerful. And you won't know the sequence of them unless you test the hundreds of thousands of forehand drills on the court, find which ones work, and find the ones that don't work.

That could take you hundreds if not thousands of hours.

Wouldn't you rather trust a proven process that is already neatly laid out for you by someone who has done the heavy lifting and studied the best coaches in the world?

(By the way, if for some reason you decide this wasn't worth your investment, you can hit the "reset button" on the whole thing, I'll give you 100% of your money back with no questions asked, and you can even KEEP the videos as my gift to you).

I feel like that's as fair as I can be.

However there is a catch… 

this offer is only good until the timer at the top hits zero. 

After that, I’ll be raising the price.  

So right now, you have two options.  

You can decide to walk away and go back to missing frustrating easy forehands. Losing points and matches that you have no business losing, and generally not playing as well as you could.  

And personally, I’d hate to see that… because tennis can be so much more fun!  

Or, you could take me up on this offer, put the simple drills to work and relish every forehand that you crush consistently, powerfully and accurately. Become the first pick for doubles because you're rock solid and you can carry yoru team.

If you want to take me up on this offer, click the button below, tell me how you’d like to pay for it, and where to send your login information… and I’ll rush you How to Make The Easy Forehand Every Time with your bonus, The Best Transition Drill Ever video right away.  

Well, ok Ramon… but what if this doesn’t work for me?  

When I hear that I hear one of two things  

1. You don’t trust me… and if you don’t trust me at this point… don’t order from me because I haven’t done my job here, and I’d never ask for something for nothing  

2. You’ve got self doubt and you’re not sure you can do this. And I can totally relate to this because I went through the same thing.

Let Me Tell You a Story  

I already told you I was an overweight, shy 16 year old kid

What I didn't tell you is I had basically ZERO athletic ability. 

Well, I was sitting at home one day when my friend Josh (who looks like Bruce Lee) called and said:

"Let's go play tennis"

I had never played before, and I was secretly terrified that I'd make a fool out of myself. What if I swung and missed? What if I fell down?

"No way, Josh," I said. 

"C'mon, it'll be fun!"

After about 15 minutes of this, I gave in. Deep down I knew that this could maybe be that first step I needed to take to lose the weight.

Well guess what? I LOVED it.

2 hours zipped by and I was high as a kite on endorphins. I wanted to keep playing!

So the next day, Josh and I played again.

And then again the day after that.

This continued all throughout the summer and spilled into the school year.

By the time the following spring came along, I decided to go out for my high school team. It wasn't a very big school, so I made the team!

And you know what happened? My partner, John and I WON the entire league for doubles.

And just like that, I was down 25 pounds AND I WAS A "JOCK" (well sorta).

It DID totally transformed my life.

Fast forward 17 years and here I am writing you this letter as a professional tennis coach, and I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out.

Let me ask you, if you had a time machine and we could go back in time... 

Would you tell me just as I was about to NOT go to tennis to "go ahead and pass?"


You'd tell me to get out there and go have some fun. There's way too much good stuff ahead. 

And you know what? I'd do the same for you.

In fact, that's what I'm trying to do for you right now!

Let's do this together.

Worst case scenario, you get to hit the ol' reset button, get your money back, and we pretend this never happened.

But the BEST case scenario is a game changer!

So to recap, you’re getting How to Make The Easy Forehand Every Time, the complete 10 lesson system to making the easy forehand every time, and making hard shots seem easier… and you’re getting the Best Transition Drill Ever that will allow you to confidently and swiftly turn those short balls into opportunities to take the point at the net.  

To order, click the button down below, tell me how you’d like to pay for it, and be sure to include your name and email address so I can rush you your login information right away.  

Alright so do that right now, while it's still fresh in you mind and let’s start making that easy forehand every time together. See ya on the inside!

Your Friend, 



To recap, you're getting "How to Make The Easy Forehand Every Time", the complete 10 step process that helps you cut your unforced forehand errors in half (or more) while helping you to build a solid forehand foundation that will give you the opporunity to create massive power, spin, and accuracy. 

You're also getting "The Best Transition Drill Ever, to help you quickly turn short balls into opportunities to confidently close the net and finish the point a $47 value for free! 

This offer is only available until the timer at the top hits zero, so grab your copy right away!  


Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked, no hassle, no problems!



You can trust us!