Make Your Own Browns Gas Unit – Easy


And it’s under US$35 per unit to build!!!


You can turn one of these…

…into one of these in just one hour!




“Make Your Own Browns Gas Unit”


What’s in the package?


You’ll receive:

The Full 50 Minute Flash Video and All Relevant Datasheets!


The Full 50 Minute Video Includes:


  • A Detailed Explanation of All the Components You Require to Build a Complete Unit

  • A Detailed List of All the Tools You’ll Need

  • Where to Source All the Components Easily

  • How To BUILD Your Own “On Demand Browns Gas Unit” (and make as many as you want!)




The Downloads Includes All the Associated Datasheets:


  • Complete Schematics for Unit Lid with One and Two Outlet Designs

  • Complete Schematics for Plexiglass (Acrylic) Tower Design with All Dimensions & Pictures

  • Complete List of Components Dimensions, Quantities & Pictures for Quick Reference

  • Complete List of Suppliers to find Components Easily and Quickly

  • Key Maintenance Points

  • Web Links and Other Bits ‘n’ Pieces

  • Flash Player Download Link

  • PDF Reader Download Link


Geoff & Ian talk about their units


Special Offer:

What You’ll Receive to Build Your Own Unit:

  • The FULL 50 Minute Flash Video Download

  •   ALL The Datasheets Sheets and FREE Lifetime Updates


Video Includes:

The Full List of Components You Require

What Tools you’ll need

Where to source all the Components Easily

How to BUILD Your Own “On Demand Browns Gas Unit” 

Datasheets Include:

Schematics for Drill Holes in Fuel Cell Lid – Single & Double Outlet

Schematics for Plexiglass (Acrylic) Tower design

List of Components with Dimensions, Quantities & Pictures

List of Suppliers to find Components Easily and Quickly

Key Maintenance Points 

Web Links and Other Bits ‘n’ Pieces

All for Just USD$33.00


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You can order the DVD including All Required Datasheets to for only AUD $55.00 – (Plus freight)

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For more information email: info@makeyourownhyrdogenfuelcell.com