Eliminate Registry Errors - Automatically !

  • Automatically Scans Your Computer - for corrupt or damaged registry files
  • Increase Computer Speed - by optimizing your computer settings
  • Prevent & Maintain - your computers health
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  • Boost Computer Speed
    Eliminate registry errors, defragment and optimize your hard drive, and manage your Startup to Increase Startup Speeds!
  • Detect & Fix Registry Errors
    RegServe will automatically scan your computer to identify errors that may be impacting your computer performance.
  • Increase Health & Stability
    Maintain your computers health using automatic scheduled registry scans and system maintenance with RegServe.
  • Prevent Errors & Crashes
    By eliminating errors and optimizing your computers registry, you can prevent dreaded symptoms of an aging computer.
  • Bonus Material
    Password protect files, backup & export data, and Free Up Resources by reducing file sizes up to 97% - Free w/ RegServe!
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
    We offer a 60-Day money back satisfaction guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase of RegServe.

Why use RegServe to Clean Your Computers Registry?

Your computers registry is essentially a database of tens-of-thousands of files that are accessed by your computer to perform an array of tasks. Since millions of requests are made to your computers registry, it is important that your computers registry is optimized and regularly maintained. Managing your computers registry can be performed manually, but is a difficult task even for advanced users. Incorrect entries or alterations made in your computers registry can also result in a computer crash or defective computer.

For these reasons, most user prefer an application to manage their computers registry. RegServe will automatically scan your computer for missing, corrupt, or partially deleted registry entries. Registry errors will be corrected automatically and requires no technical knowledge. RegServe also includes a registry defragmenter which optimizes requests made to your computers registry, resulting in faster computer speed. To further increase your computer speed, RegServe also includes a startup manager that allows you to manage which applications boot during startup - slowing your computer. Download an evaluation version of RegServe to see how RegServe can increase your computers performance !

Bonus ProductFREE BONUS - When you register your copy of RegServe you will also receive a complimentary issue of the Xippit File Compression Utility. Xippit uses our proprietary .xip format to safely secure, password-protect, and reduce the size of any file or folder.

Registry ScanRegistry Scan - The RegServe registry scan searches your computer for invalid, corrupt, orphaned registry entries, and registry errors. Using the comprehensive registry scan, RegServe will search fifteen (15) areas of your computers registry and detect items that may be impacting your computers performance.

Registry DefragRegistry Defrag - The registry defrag process is designed to increase your computer speed and free resources by managing the overall size of your registry and how requests are made.

Registry ScansAuto-Scheduled Scans - After establishing a desired setting and frequency, auto-scheduled scans allow you to automate future registry scans. When enabling this feature, RegServe will automatically start the date you specify and scan your computer for registry items.

Registry ReportDetailed Scan Results - Following any registry scan, RegServe provides you with a detail report for the areas of your registry selected for repair. At this point, you may also select which registry items (if any) you would like RegServe to overlook during the repair process.

Ignore ListBuilt-In Ignore List - The built-in ignore list ensures maximum compatibility with third-party applications. If you have deselected items from the registry scan results, they will be added to the ignore list automatically. Keywords may also be entered into the ignore list to prevent any possible conflict from arising.

Registry BackupRegistry Backup & Restore - Prior to each registry repair, RegServe creates a log file that contains backup information with your previous registry settings. Using the Restore feature you can revert your computers registry to a previous setting if desired.

Windows RegistryWindows® Startup Manager - View and manage applications that launch during startup. The Startup Manager allows you to improve slow computer load times by freeing up computer resources and disabling applications you do not wish to load automatically.

Registry SettingsCustom Settings - Using the Settings feature you can override the default settings of RegServe to meet your individual requirements. RegServe gives advanced and novice user the flexibility to customize how RegServe operates on your computer.

Diagnostic ReportDiagnostic Reports - If you encounter a problem while running RegServe, our technicians are standing by to assist you. Using the Diagnostic Reporting tool, you can provide us with detailed information regarding the encountered issue.

RegServe UpdatesLive Program Updates - RegServe uses plug-in framework which allows us to provide you with the most up to date features and version releases. You receive updates real-time when opening RegServe !

Read all User Reviews...

"My 4-year old laptop had been really slow in starting up, and I had to redo it in a safe mode a few times a day. After scanning it and finding no virus or malware, I determined it was largely due to the registry issue. I had Slow PC Fighter on this laptop, but it wasn't really helping my problem at all. So after doing some research, I purchased RegServe and used it today for the first time, and was more than amazed at the performance difference on my laptop. This product not only met my expectation but way surpassed it!! Now I can shut down and restart my laptop in much shorter time, and will enjoy taking and using it everywhere as I used to. Thank you for providing such excellent product. Thank you also for offering the bonus product. I will use it shortly..."

"After the first scan, my PC booted up and it operated faster! I like all the features of RegServe, especially the Registry Defragmenter. I will enthusiastically recommend RegServe to my friends and co-workers. Thanks for developing such a great program!" Sincerely, Jeff Swanson

"So far I am very pleased with the product, RegServe. No matter what you have on your computer, I feel that you need a good registry program to keep the registry happy and problem free. This is an area that I find most people neglect."

"I am VERY illiterate when it comes to computers. I checked with Consumer Reports and you guys were supposed to be one of the top 2 so I bought you! So I hope you help out!"

"Finally! A registry repair utility that does not damage or corrupt working programs! Every registry utility I tried, damaged my registry so my help and some video editing files no longer worked properly. RegServe repaired my registry errors, yet I retained full function of all my programs!"

Registry Scan Registry BackupRegistry Startup ManagerRegistry Settings

Compatibility: Windows 2000, 2003 Server, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Version Number:
Release Date: 2/19/13
Download Size: 1.01 MB
Space Required: 6.1 MB

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