Pitchers Arm Care

pitchers-arm-care-w-side-book-cover-3dWhen you work with as many pitchers as we do, you hear the same complaints day in and day out. Things like “my shoulder hurts right here” or “my elbow hurts when I try to straighten my arm”.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to throw hard, but we have to make sure we’re going about it the best and safest way possible. Thus, learning the correct way to take care of your arm, shoulder and body as a pitcher should be a top priority, not only during the season but year-round as well.

Pitchers Arm Care E-book is nearly 70 pages in length and comes with 40 instructional videos that will show you many of the steps that our high school, college and pro players go through to take care of their arm. Remember, the arm can lose up to 10 degrees of internal rotation after even just one outing, so arm care should be a part of every pitchers mindset and protocol all year long.

What does the book cover?

Let’s face it good arm care is basically full body care.  This book provides a year-round guideline from pre-throwing to post-throwing on how to take care of your arm and body.  It covers a variety of topics necessary to achieve this, including:

  • Breathing Drills
  • Soft Tissue (foam rolling)
  • Mobility
  • Band Activations (done correctly!)
  • Movement Prep
  • Post-Throwing Recovery


Pitchers Arm Care also comes with a Sample Program and access to a complete library of videos for each and every exercise.  The library contains nearly 40 different videos.

(Bowler Squats)

(Quadruped T-Spine)

Who is this E-Book appropriate for?

This E-Book is a maintenance program designed to help you get ready to throw and keep up with arm care and health all year round.  This book is appropriate for college, high school, and travel coaches looking to help their players take care of their arms.  It is also appropriate for parents and players, ages 13 and older, looking to make sure they are taking care of their arms and optimizing their performance year-round.

How much does it cost and when do I receive it?

The price for the E-book is $39.99.  You can download the E-book immediately after payment.



“I can’t recommend it enough and I’ll put my name to this product any day of the week.  One of the best I’ve ran across in my 23 years of coaching.  This one is a no-brainer.”

  • Lantz Wheeler, Baseball Think Tank, Pitch-A-Palooza, Core Velocity Belt

“As a partner with Nunzio in the Pitching Lab, he has taught me more than I could ever imagine about a player’s strengths and weaknesses, movement strategies.  Nunzio is the best around and this book is a must for all pitchers!”

  • Jim Wladyka, Wladyka Baseball, Pitching Coach, USA Baseball

book-back-cover“No pitcher in the northeast should throw another pitch before reading Nunzio’s Arm Care book.  It is an excellent resource for the pitcher, coach and parent.”

  • Phil Cundari, Associate Head Coach, Seton Hall University, 2011 National Pitching Coach of the Year

“As the head pitching coach at St. John’s University and being responsible for over a dozen high level pitchers, I can assure you that we take “arm care” extremely seriously.  Nunzio’s book, Pitchers Arm Care, is the most complete and holistic guide I have seen.  Our pitchers at St. John’s perform the pre-throwing activation every day for 35 minutes before ever picking up a baseball!”

  • Corey Muscara, Pitching Coach, St. John’s University

“As a pitcher in the Cleveland Indians organization for the past seven years I am always searching for the most recent and cutting edge methods to take care of my arm.  With all the injuries and overuse going on in baseball, it should be a required course and a must read for every coach, parent, pitcher and player who wants to compete at the highest level. It should be in every pitcher’s bag.”

  • Robbie Aviles, Pitcher, Cleveland Indians Organization

“Pitchers Arm Care is Nunzio’s next step in the process of creating great content for pitchers of all ages to help improve and maintain the health of their arm. As a pitcher in professional baseball I am constantly searching for a way to gain a competitive edge. Nunzio is at the top of that list.”

  • Matt Clancy, Pitcher, Seattle Mariners Organization

“Throughout my 25 year career as a physical therapist I have always tried to associate myself with other professionals that were the best in their fields. I never seemed to find one who could do it all until I met Nunzio. I knew then that I found what my clinic had been missing….a solid referral source to which we could confidently send our throwing athletes. I hold him and the contents of this book in the highest regard.”

  • Debbie Barker (P.T, DPT), TruCare Physical Therapy


Nunzio SignoreNunzio is the owner and operator Rockland Peak Performance (RPP, located in Sloatsburg, New York), Co-Director of the Pitching Lab and Hitters Rx Programs and writer and lecturer. He has been one of the most in-demand strength and conditioning coaches/trainers in Rockland and Bergen Counties for the past 10 years. He is an expert at the biomechanical analysis of pitchers and trains pitchers and baseball players from high school to pro ball.

He speaks annually at clinics like Be the Best and Inside Baseball as well as travel to speak to college exercise science majors at schools such as Springfield College, Cortland University, Syracuse University and Montclair State to name a few. Nunzio is a performance enhancement specialist certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and is also certified in the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). He has done extensive baseball mentorships with Eric Cressey of Cressey Sports Performance as well as programs with Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning.

*** The price for the E-book is $39.99 ***

 *** You can download immediately after payment ***



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