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It’s time to put an and end to the myths, lies and false information misleading you about how to stop your hair loss!My name is Spex and as you can see I have been helping hair loss sufferers online and in person for over a decade. I have been residing in the various online hair loss forums sharing my experiences and guiding fellow hair loss sufferers, making sure they get only the best ethical and proven methods to help save their hair.

The reason I have decided to effectively ‘come out’ so to speak is due to the increasing and alarming amount of bogus and false information that is mis-guiding vulnerable hair loss sufferers into purchasing products, treatments and information that simply does not work and not only causes you a financial loss but also an emotional one too.

Every time you try something that claims to guarantee to grow your hair back which failed it causes even more stress and emotional trauma. You end up not knowing who to believe or who to trust.

You may end up asking the question…..



REAL solutions do exist! But you need the right information and strategies to go about stopping your hair loss properly



The information I can give you has come from someone who has been there and done that for over 10 years and helped thousands of people just like you understand the intricate nature of hair loss and how to go about stopping it in every which way from the basic emotional stress and denial to understanding which treatments to use, right through to the last resort of hair transplantation.

Enough is Enough

I have now ensured you never have to buy into false claims and bogus products ever again. My project Maximum Hair Minimum Loss is every thing that you need to know to stop your hair loss starting today. It’s full of FACTS and proven strategies and methods which thousands of people have used and benefited from to go about methodically stopping hair loss and even detailed information regarding hair restoration.

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"After wasting endless amounts on money on lotions lasers and hair pieces, I googled hair loss one Sunday afternoon, this lead me to some very detailed forums, this was where I spotted Spex. I was really impressed and decided to e-mail Spex a few times and then eventually met him for advice. The guy was honest, genuine and up front, if I had'nt met Spex I probably would have wasted money and valuable time. This guy is a legend, a complete life saver, in fact there should be an option for Spex when u call 999!" Forum poster :MrT




"Spex's unique insight into the field of hair loss and transplantation is an invlauable asset to anyone considering medical and surgical hair restoration"-Spencer Kobren,

Founder The American Hair Loss Association and Best Selling Author 'The Bald Truth'

Why You should buy maximum hair minimum loss RIGHT NOW

The REAL reasons you are suffering from the curse of hair loss in my detailed video tutorials. Learn about what really causes hair loss in men and what doesn't!

Why you feel the way you do! Understand the psychology of hair loss and how it can effect your self esteem and your confidence.

Learn about the ONLY proven methods and treatments that WORK and how to generate maximum effect from them.

Methods to help combat, control and beat your mental anxiety and your feelings of lack of control associated with hair loss.

Learn how using ‘Spex's time-tested methods and knowledge will save you a small fortune in treatment costs from legitimate budget sources!

How You CAN control how you respond to treatments and methods described inside in a systematic method for best results.

The real ‘natural’ agents that can help improve the quality and health of your hair and its growth cycle.

1.5 hours of detailed step by step state of the art hair transplantation information, should you need to restore your hair via surgery.

Get the best education on when and where to consider hair restoration via state of the art hair transplantation and the appropriate methods for you as an individual.

How to deal with and compartmentalize the emotional trauma and isolation hair loss creates. You need never feel alone again.

Treatments to avoid at all costs, Myths, lies and false propaganda finally exposed once and for all.

Simplified tricks, tips and golden nuggets of invaluable experienced information to arm you on your hair transplantation journey. Saving you countless hours and drastic irreparable classic mistakes.

Customized assistance in planning and executing all your hair loss and hair restoration requirements.


Access to the world's leading mentor in the hair loss industry and his wealth of experience and knowledge.



"His knowledge, experience & desire to mentor other hair loss sufferers,Spex has become a fixture in the world of hair restoration, Over the years, hundreds of patients have benefitted from his unbiased advice and guidance."

-David - aka TakingThePlunge,Forum Co-Moderator & Editorial Assistant,Hair Restoration Network

Your complete hair loss guide showing you the right way to stop early hair loss with proven treatments right through to more extensive hair loss requiring hair restoration through modern state of the art hair transplantation.

The information and guidance for every stage of your hair loss

You need the right advice for your stage of hair loss, whether you are in your early 20's with the first signs of hair loss and are feeling self conscious and worried to somone who has suffered hair loss for a number of years. There is a solution for you if you wish to do something about it.



"As a young(ish) guy who'd been losing his hair since the age of 18, hairloss effectively became the dominant force in my life, affecting how I behaved, where I went, what I did, taking no time at all to became a complete obsession. Words can barely even describe the personal anguish and turmoil I felt. Discovering Spex and attending his meets which he so brilliantly organised, was the greatest thing that could have happened to me. The information and help he provided bore new hope in me, made me think positive, as well as informed me of the options available to me. Through Spex, I also avoided the unfortunate circumstances that have befallen other hairloss sufferers, where they've achieved very poor results. I now look to the future with new hope, rather than wallowing in self-pity and leading a restrictive life. Spex has been amazing and for any fellow hairloss sufferer, I can't recommend listening to him enough!" Forum poster :Skinnyshaft

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The most comprehensive and proven way to stop hair loss ever made.

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Summary of Everything You Will Get When You Purchase Today

Instant access to the first ever multi media hair loss and hair restoration tool! Login to your own private members area, where you will get detailed videos, on why you are losing your hair and a step by step system to go about treating your hair loss, with only proven, ethical and safe methods, used by thousands of men over the past decades!

Purchase Maximum Hair Loss today and get the most accurate upto date proven methods to treat your hair loss once and for all. Presented in high quality downloadable video modules in 8 'easy to follow sections' from the #1 hair loss mentor inline 'Spex'.

Buy today and get instant access to the brand new e-book ‘The Hair Raising Truth’ inside this eye opening book find out:

  • For the first time, read and relate to the emotional anxiety all hair loss suffers go through and arm yourself with the right mindset to go about treating your hair loss the correct way.
  • Learn from over 10 years worth of mistake and experiences. The hair loss rollercoaster you need not go through.
  • Detailed section on how to use the available medication and treatments in a way that maximizes their effect for the long term.
  • The false claims and bogus treatments that simply do not work. Never waste another hard earned penny on hyped up rubbish that simply doesn’t work.
  • ‘The Hair Raising Truth’ is Spex’s 10 years of personal concise knowledge and experiences condensed to prevent you making the mistake he did, ensuring you only the best gold standard information in this field.


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Thank you for spending the time to find out about stopping your hair loss.
This information has changed MANY peoples lives. It is designed to give you maximum chance of understanding hair loss and how to treat it and beat it, using only proven, ethical and safe methods and treatments currently available today.

Be aware of bogus ebooks and false claims and unrealistic expectations from these sources. You will never be able to say again you don’t now how to go about stopping your hair loss after using ‘Maximum Hair Minimum Loss’ and “The Hair Raising Truth”.

Join thousands of other satisfied people and get hold of your hair loss today for just $47

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The information compiled in ‘Maxiumum Hair Minimum Loss’ and the ‘Hair Raising Truth’ has genuinely helped thousands of hair loss suferers over the past decade. The strategies, treatments, tips and tricks have come from 10 plus years of Spex personally fighting and over coming his own hair loss successfully. Spex has saved people hundreds of dollars in wasted bogus treatments & time and given only honest, ethical, safe and unbiased proven methods to combat hair loss in the most effective manner to date. As you can see Spex has many raving testimonials from real people who have all benefited from Spex’s many years of mentoring, advising and counselling in the hair loss forums and in person. But we want to remove all risk to you.
That is why we offer a 100% No Questions Asked 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on your purchase today.

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