You're Not Damaged Goods

My name is Leigh Peele. I am a trainer, author, and layman researcher. I truly believe one of my purposes in life, narcissistic or not, is to help people help themselves.
Writing Starve Mode was one of my greatest accomplishments. I wrote this book because it needed to be written. There is a sea of confusion that is clogging the minds and hearts of people in regards to metabolic behavior, weight loss, and "starvation." Confusion that is so aggressive, it can lead to eating disorders and severe physical and psychological distress. I want to be apart of stopping that confusion. Because of that, I wrote this book. I hope you enjoy it and it brings you the education you have deserved all along. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

-Leigh Peele, Author of Starve Mode

This Book Covers The Following Topics:

  • What is starvation mode? Does it really exist?
  • What roles are my hormones playing during (and after) fat loss?
  • Is a metabolism damaged forever?
  • Which macronutrient speeds up my metabolism the most, really?
  • Do I have to gain weight if I increase calories?
  • What role does water play in my weight?
  • Do I need supplements or drugs to have a healthy metabolism?
  • What can I ask my dietitian or doctors to get the best help?
  • How I can I weed out bad research?
  • How long does it take to get a revving metabolism?
  • Is a calorie a calorie?
  • What is refeeding? How do I know if I need it?
  • If I increase calories fast, will I gain fat?
  • Have I plateaued in my fat loss?
  • How do I keep a fast metabolism at any age?


Starve Mode is free of agenda, dogma or zealotry.

Do you want the truth about hormones? This is your science-based hormone bible. Want to make sense out of nutrition and fitness research? You'll get step-by-step coaching on how to find it, read it, make sense of it and become your own expert in the process.

True to the style of Leigh's entire body of work - her books, blogs and podcasts - Starve Mode is one-hundred percent objective and evidence-based, so you can trust that the information is accurate, or even go verify the data or investigate further yourself. You'll learn enough science after one read to be the most informed person in your gym, or even in your entire town - that's how deep the detail is.

-Tom Venuto, Author of The Body Fat Solution and Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle


I've lost over 10 lbs so far

I never had any real issues with my body. I never hated myself or engaged in stupid or destructive behavior. Simple problem, simple fix. After I turned 24, however, things in my personal life began to go south faster and faster. I developed a serious eating disorder. It never had anything to do with my looks as I was not overweight. It had everything to do with my desperate need to have absolute control over my life. All I wanted was to be left completely alone and hopefully one morning I simply wouldn't wake up. At my lowest I weighed about 83 lbs.

I joined the forum and began to repair. I hadn't even gone for one day without hours of intense activity. So the idea of absolutely no activity seemed the most daunting I'd faced yet.

For the first time in years, I feel sure of where I'm going. I've lost over 10 lbs so far and I've got about 15 more to go. It's far from over, but at least now I see the light at the end of the tunnel.



The knowledge Leigh has acquired and dispenses, is more practical, down to earth, and applicable.

She has done the research, knows what works and what doesn't, and understands what her clients and customers want. She does not refute science and the energy balance like so many "gurus" out there, but knows there can by many roadblocks, both mental and physical, toward achieving the look that people want.

Leigh has helped me put together a plan to restore my metabolic rate to an optimal level so that I can achieve the level of leanness I desire. Had I discovered her blog and site when I started my transformation over 3.5 years ago, I probably wouldn't have drove myself into the ground for as long as I did and wasted a lot of time, effort, and energy.



Taking your advice has kept me alive and freed me.

Prior to contacting Leigh. I hated myself and I was unable to be honest with anyone about how terrible, vulnerable and confused I felt.

Leigh was able to offer me practical advice but also explain how to ask myself, the right questions for my mind and my body. What I had been doing to myself, the way I was thinking about my body was not healthy or realistic.

I am free (of disordered behavior) for about eight months. I am also eating between 2000 and 3000 calories per day and training moderately. My whole outlook towards my body has changed. I am settled in a loving relationship that would not have been possible without being healthy, and I understand so much more about my behavioral patterns towards my body and self esteem generally.

Leigh never claimed to be anything more than a very well researched, experienced, critical thinker of a coach and for that I am forever in her debt. She is a wonderful example of professional excellence in her field.



As someone with a medical background, I appreciate her scientific approach and her ability to translate it into practice.

I've been following Leigh for about 5 years now so the honeymoon period is well and truly over. Unusually, for me, I've actually grown to like her more and more as the years have gone by.

Leigh offers something unique. She can be blunt at times, but it's on a background of intense kindness that I haven't experienced from anybody else in the fitness industry. She's one of the few people who will actually research something before giving an opinion and you won't find her following along with the latest fad just because it's trendy. She's hugely knowledgeable and is generous with that knowledge and with her own personal experience.

There are many reasons that I continue to see her as one of the only people in the fitness industry that hasn't disappointed me and that I continue to admire and respect. She knows fitness and fat loss better than pretty much anybody else, she's kind and funny, she's honest and she has integrity.


"Will I Go Into Starvation Mode?"

Everyday, my inbox fills up with questions like:

  • "How do I get out of "Starvation Mode" without gaining weight?"
  • "Will carbohydrates slow my metabolism?"
  • "Why do I gain weight easier as I age?"
  • "What gives me true metabolic advantage?"
  • "Have I cut my calories too low?"
  • "Why do I gain weight at all?!"
  • "Can I lose fat even though I have a metabolic condition?"

These are questions I see all the time. Thankfully, this book has those answers (and more).



What I liked best is that it took the emotions out (as much as possible). Emotions keep me from losing weight, sabotage myself. My emotions/mind sometimes put up resistance, but I could always trust the program and you.

You will learn unexpected things. It is okay to rest. There will be plenty of time in your life, in your months and years ahead to challenge yourself physically. Surrender to Leigh's wisdom and training and trust the process. Keep a log. If you are whining too much, give yourself one more minute to whine and then do the program as written. It will take a lot of time the first 2 weeks to learn what you need to do, but then it will get simple and less time consuming.



Leigh, I can't thank you enough! I now have an actual butt!!

Prior to hearing about Leigh Peele, I was lost in my weight loss endeavors. Over 2 years I went from 190 to 140ish and then evened out at 147. I was unhappy with what I saw in the mirror and struggling to lose further.

I found Leigh and decided that If I ever wanted a normal diet I needed to take the chance, risk the weight gain, and hopefully end up in a place where I was emotionally and physically happy.

I implemented a reasonable eating plan and continued to lift heavy. I have continued the fat loss and maintained a healthy approach to food, lifting, and my self-image. I'm now at the point where I sporadically count calories to keep myself in check, I don't feel like a slave to a food scale, and now that I'm back to lifting I'm getting even closer to my personal goal.



This brought me back my life.

I've been very focused on scale weight for years and it was a huge revelation for me to see that you HAVE to allow some of this weight to come back without sacrificing much of my looks. I discovered that I had stopped singing and dancing over the course of the dieting years. I had sacrificed parts of my personality in order to become thin.

I had to re-learn to eat. I'm still in the process, but in general I know now that as long as I stick to relatively wholesome foods I will not overeat.

I am still ambitious and want to lose the last bit of fat, but I have sworn to myself I will not wreck myself again. This helped me regain my confidence and trust in myself and gave me an enormous amount of freedom.



What really made me a fan of Leigh was her understanding that things work differently for everyone

I came across Leigh Peele's website several years ago when I had found myself in a metabolic rut. I was eating very little, training a lot, yet my clothes were fitting tighter, the number on the scale was going up - and it wasn't from muscle gain. I was looking for someone who had seen this sort of thing before and it was clear she knew exactly what I was dealing with.

Sure, there were very clear steps to follow, as with any diet or exercise program, but what really made me a fan of Leigh was her understanding that things work differently for everyone, and the benefit of tweaking the program for your individual needs. The community support in her forums, and the ability to ask her questions directly have led to amazing results, not only in my training, and diet, but attitude too.


Your dietary and training behavior can greatly influence your daily caloric burn.

  • Did you know you can eat more and not gain body fat by understanding simple metabolic behaviors?
  • Did you know that constantly cheapening your metabolic potential can make achieving body composition goals harder?
  • Did you know that "eating clean" is not a guarantee to getting the body you desire?
  • Did you know most of the "facts" you hear about metabolic advantage are wrong.

Learn more about maximizing your metabolic abilities through science, not gimmicks.


Starve Mode is a necessity for anyone that wants to educate themselves on hormones, water retention, and anything based around the metabolism.

I haven't dealt with any of the issues that Leigh covers in Starve Mode. Working with Leigh, though, I have read about and seen so many people that are victims to "broken" metabolisms, hormonal issues, and diseases that effect metabolic behavior. It is amazing to watch people go from their worst to completely turning their life around, just from the education Leigh provides. Starve Mode has all of the information you need to fix your metabolic problems and to really understanding what is going on in your body.

Knowledge is important, but it is also important to know that someone understands what you are going through and that you aren't the only one. Leigh communicates her well researched, unbiased knowledge through many different formats (graphs, calculations, etc). But, in my opinion, the thing that hits home the most are the stories of the people she has known/worked with over the years.

Starve Mode is the answer to all of the questions you have. Sometimes you might not always like the answer, but Leigh will make sure you get your life back.



Leigh helped me to improve not only my physical health and appearance but also my mental health and my relationship to food and its effect on my body

Her no-nonsense practical advice combined with amazing scientific knowledge managed to teach me how to enjoy food again. Her work on the emotional and psychological aspects of dieting is incredibly important and applicable for the normal people who want to look good AND enjoy their life.



Don't fear "the break" or "the food"

When I was younger I weighed over 300 lbs. I was able to lose more than 100 lbs and keep it off my whole life never going over 240 lbs. and almost always staying below 220lbs.

About one year ago I was feeling horrible. I was unable to lose weight, and I was putting on about 2 pounds a month. I weighed and measured my food, kept cutting back, I got to the point I was only eating about 1200-1300 calories a day. And still the weight crept up. Well, I unwittingly put myself on a low carb diet for about a year.

I started reading Leigh's older free website about repairing the metabolism. I was a bit, for lack of a better word, afraid. Fear of weight gain, loss of muscle. But I made myself slow down and started thinking in a different way, long term. If I had to gain a few pounds to feel better that was OK, something had to change. It was hard to eat even 1800 calories let alone the 2250. I cut back the protein and upped the carbs. Within about 2-3 months I was feeling better, a lot better. I only gained about 5 pounds, then leveled off and and went back to 226-228 over the next couple of months.

This is the first time I have managed to lose weight in a long time. I'm learning not to fear "The Break." I haven't felt this good in a long time.



Finding Leigh has changed my life.

I was stuck in a body I was uncomfortable in. I was running, fast and for about an hour 5 times a week. I thought I was eating the right amount, and yet nothing was happening. I was putting in so much effort and yielding no results, which was of course extremely frustrating and defeating.

I did her metabolic repair program, and although I initially gained weight during the process, I finally started to see changes in my body, after so many frustrating years of effort with no result.

Leigh gives you the math, the science, the truth. What has always amazed me about Leigh is how incredibly accessible she makes herself to her clients, and how relentless she is in her pursuit of sharing her truths and wisdom.



Leigh has the most unique, most effective perspective that I've seen in the fitness and nutrition industry.

Working in the research field myself, I cannot say how valuable it is to seek advice from a professional who can fully substantiate their point of views, but moreover, is willing to admit when they are unfamiliar or unsure of a condition. Leigh can back up everything she says, and encourages you to seek professional advice whenever she is not fully confident. Her personal experiences, combined with the obvious countless hours dedicated to reading research, put her in a unique position to assist an individual with almost any issue related to their health and well-being, and has a very under-appreciated subset of knowledge in metabolic damage and female body image issues.

I recommend Leigh to anyone who has an idea in mind of the body they want and either does not know where to start, or has tried everything and failed, especially when due to psychological issues surround food and body image. I'm simply comforted to know she is out there. Thank you Leigh for all you do!

-Krista Rompolski, PhD


I simply cannot offer enough praise for Starve Mode and it's author Leigh Peele.

Starve Mode is the best nutrition resource I've read in years! It's far from a diet book. It's an education in how to achieve the healthy metabolism you are meant to have.

If you are currently on a diet or plan on dieting down soon, Starve Mode is an absolute must read.Do yourself a huge favor... don't wait until your metabolism slows down to learn how to fix it. Take preventative action now!

Take an intelligent and healthy approach to nutrition by discovering how your body responds to the food choices you make. If you do indeed have a sluggish metabolism, Starve Mode will be among the greatest investments you've ever made in your health and well-being.

-Scott Tousignant


Starve Mode has the answers you need to get things back on track

If you've ever been secretly scared that you've somehow "broken" your metabolism, or you can't understand why you're not losing weight, despite massive amounts of exercise and an extremely restrictive diet, Starve Mode has the answers you need to get things back on track and moving in the right direction.

The advice in there is backed by solid research data, as well as passing the "will this work in the real world" reality check. And it's written by Leigh Peele, one of the few people I trust for a detailed and science-based analysis.

When you read through the case studies, you'll realize there are plenty of other people who were in the exact same situation that you're in right now. After putting Leigh's recommendations to work, they came out the other side leaner, healthier and happier. There's no good reason that you can't do the same.

-Christian Finn, M.Sc


I recommend Starve Mode to anyone who is looking for the truth about their metabolism

Leigh has pulled back the curtain of confusion that has veiled the truth about metabolism and fat loss for decades with this book. I recommend Starve Mode to anyone who is looking for the truth about their metabolism, health, and well-being.

-Jay Scott, Host of the Full Disclosure Fitness Podcast


I no longer feel lost in the world of health research headlines (eat this! don't eat that!) and workouts of the month.

Leigh offers the most practical advice out there. I can approach my nutrition and training with tried-and-true methods that will always work, instead of jumping from diet to diet. Plus, she has seen it all, so she can spot the issues and the hangups of her clients quickly to get them back on track. She clearly is an expert in what she does!



In a market saturated with people who claim that they're going to be able to transform your body in two weeks if you follow their juice fast, Leigh Peele stands out.

She doesn't make any absurd promises, she provides evidence-based support for changing one's body composition. She's been particularly helpful to me in giving me the confidence to begin eating normally again after an extended period of dieting: repairing sluggish metabolisms, and holding the hands of those of us who are going through the scary process of beginning to eat, is possibly what she does best.

She'll help you sculpt your body, but I think what she does best is help us to heal our bodies from the abuse we've subjected them to. She flat-out knows a lot more about how body recomposition works, and can communicate it a lot better, than 99% of trainers out there.

Leigh has, for me, been a great ally in this journey.


What You Are Getting With Your Starve Mode Purchase

"Starve Mode" - Explaining & Resetting Metabolic Problems That Can Come From Dieting

You are getting a 200+ page PDF book with over 270 references, 17 Chapters, and both peer reviewed and anecdotal experience on the topics on metabolic behavior. It features a foreword by one of my great mentors, Tom Venuto, a nationally published author of The Body Fat Solution.

"Starve Mode" - Audiobook

Personally, I love audiobooks. I use them as much as I can because I am a busy person and love getting my information while driving, training, or running errands. Instead of having to make a choice of one or the other, I give you both. You get 9+ hours of audio, read by me in MP3 form.

Calculator/Excel Sheet

If needing a little more hands on guidance, this might be up your alley. I have included 2 calculators in excel formats. This can also come in handy if math phobic, which I can personally relate to.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee

You can also keep the material even with a refund. There is really nothing to lose there unless you realize you don't like it 61 days later.

Purchase Starve Mode Now

This product is an instant download of digital content

You get 60 days to read, test, listen, and use Starve Mode. If you are not happy within that time, you can request a refund, no questions asked. Since these materials are digital copies, you will be able to keep them. Really, there is nothing to lose and I am at the mercy of your own honesty, not the other way around. In my opinion, that is how I desire it to be as a customer myself. If you have any question, please contact me immediately. Contact information is below in the footer. Note: Billing will show a charge from Clickbank.com or CLKBANK*COM not from Leighpeele.com or StarveMode.com

Q: Is this a hard copy or digital ebook?
This is a digital ebook and audiobook that is delivered instantly to your computer.
Q: Can this be used on Kindle or other reading devices.
This is a standard PDF document. Most reading devices have apps or can automatically read a PDF file.
Q: Do I need any special supplements or foods?
No. This isn't that kind of a book.
Q: Am I not allowed to eat anything?
No. This isn't that kind of a book.
Q: Is this a diet book?
No. In fact, chapter one is "This is NOT a Diet Book"
Q: I'm vegetarian or Paleo or vegan or Keto. Will this be a problem?
No. One of this book's purpose is to give you back dietary freedom.
Q:Is there an age limit for this material? Is it friendly for those who are seniors or post-menopausal?
This material is for anyone over the age of 18 and in fact there are specific sections that discuss alterations in metabolic behavior with age.
Q:What is the difference between Starve Mode & The Fat Loss Troubleshoot?
I've tried to come up with the most simplistic way of relaying this answer, and here is what I have come up with.

Starve Mode focuses specifically on how the metabolism works, what "slows" or "speeds" it, and how to optimize it in ANY situation. It also covers how to reset metabolic behavior if you feel you are in a spot of decrease metabolic activity.

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot focuses specifically on fat loss, how fat loss works, and how to troubleshoot if having problems with your fat loss. It also covers typical (and unique) fat loss stall situation, how to set up proper fat loss plans, and education on nutrition and training. They do cross paths at certain points and having both is a tremendous asset to your goals, but they are very different books.
Q: How can I contact you if I have a question?
Email contact is in the footer, as well as my facebook page. Don't hesitate to send a message.
Q:Do you really give refunds/good customer service?
I hate poor customer service. I am a consumer too. I buy books and materials off pages and websites just like this one. I expect to be treated with respect and I wouldn't treat you with any less respect than I require. You send me an email if you have any problems.