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Could YOU earn a living from your ability to play guitar?

If you can ...
yes I canplay guitar reasonably well,
yes I cancommunicate with confidence
yes I canand demonstrate patience

... then YOU could be making a living
from your musical knowledge and skills

This e-book will tell you how and you could be reading it in a few minutes time!

How to Make a Living Teaching Guitar
A step-by-step guide that will help you to establish yourself as a Private Guitar Tutor in a way that is professional, enjoyable and profitable.

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Are YOU ever short of teaching ideas?

Exactly what should you teach and how?

This e-book answers these two questions in detail. It assumes no prior knowledge of music theory and covers all levels of guitar playing from total beginner to advanced.

Be the best teacher you can be!

Download Fifty Flexible Lesson Plans for teaching guitar...and you'll never be short of teaching ideas again!

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You've taken the plunge, you've got a few lessons under your belt and some of your students are coming back for more - now's the time to get down to business so you can kiss goodbye to that day job!

This e-book will help you do it!

A guide to developing your private guitar tutoring into a successful business.

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