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Here's just some of the many things I've bought using my winnings...

Winnings from September 2017 to December 2017 paid for my $175,000 Bentley Continental GT. I've just recently placed an import order for custom-made 22" wheels that will really go well with this diamond black color!
Paid from my winnings - $175,000 Bentley Continental GT
Winnings from August 2014 to November 2015 paid for this $1.3 Million pad in an up market suburb. My pad is adjacent to two similar pads with one being owned by a Microsoft Executive. And the other is leased out to the regional manager of ExxonMobil. But I'm just an ex mathematics teacher!
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Winnings from August 2016 to April 2017 paid for this luxurious $680,000 Villa in Denarau Island, Fiji. I take trips to this wonderful spot 4 times a year and the rest of the time I get rental income ($600-$900 per night, depending on season). It's managed by The Hilton Group.
Paid from my winnings - $680,000 luxurious Villa in Denarau Island, Fiji

Do You See What You've Been Missing Out On...?

Chris Campbell

From: Chris Campbell, 2:10 am
Wednesday Mar 07, 2018

Dear Friend,

You're probably not aware of this...but making money from tennis betting has to be the easiest and most profitable way to make a living. I should know as at one stage I had 323 people relying on my daily tips for their livelihood as fulltime bettors.

I kid you not, but...

2 years ago I had 323 members paying me $149.00 per month for my daily tennis picks. After running my tipping service for a solid 18 months, I couldn't handle the guilt anymore!

I was bursting with I was making so much from my members using a strategy so simple that they could easily do it themselves.

I knew for a fact that they were paying me for a service and I was making a ton of money for them. But that's not the point! It took me only 90 seconds to make the picks and another 10 seconds to email them.

Hardly deserving the $48,127 monthly income!

Anyway...2 years ago I cracked. I wrote my system down and emailed it to all my members.

Well, guess what?

I had 323 very confused emails in my inbox the next day. Not surprisingly most of them were in shock! Some members have actually become close friends of mine. Although I insisted not to, a handful continue to send me a percentage of their winnings by PayPal! Talk about being too grateful!

Privacy: You'll be notified by email of today's outcome within 24hrs.

All emails are sent with an instant "unsubscribe" link so you can with a single click stop yourself from getting any further emails from me.

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So, just how simple and effective
is the "Tennis Cash" system...?

Before I briefly explain to you with some examples as to how simple yet effective "Tennis Cash" system is...lets see what this teenager from Singapore who knows absolutely nothing about tennis matches has to say...

"When I read the system, I was a bit skeptical about "using just 90 seconds a day" claim. Boy but when I tested it out, I realized you could easily use it in half that time!"

The fact is it is so easy to use and implement.

Even for a tennis dummy like me (I have never watched a single game!) I was able to quickly apply the methods and use it profitably!

I do not know how long it is going to be offered online but I honestly say I am quite surprised that you are willing to offer such sensitive information for such a low price!

This is as close as you can get to having a proven 'risk-free' bet every time.

Dylan Loh
Here's what a betting expert says about this system. Sean is a highly sought after betting expert to whom members regularly pay $370.00 per hour for his betting advice & strategies.

"Tennis Cash Has To Be The Easiest Yet Most Profitable Sports Betting Moneymaking Method On This Planet!"

Being gifted with mathematics analysis ability and having been looked upon as an expert in betting systems, I have seen my share of systems over the past 13 years.

But believe me..."Tennis Cash" system is definitely in a league of its own. I used the system for 7 months with $350 bets and...

...made $53,608 profit over that period!

It's simply ingenious and honestly I don't know why anyone would even bother looking into any other sports betting moneymaking opportunity when you can make $300 - $500 everyday in seconds!

Keep up the excellent work!

Sean Dunn
Listed below are a handful of tennis matches. This is what a typical schedule on a day looks like. Sometimes there are more matches...other times there are fewer matches.

A Typical Daily Tennis Match Schedule

Bet Players (Player 1 Vs Player 2) Odds (Decimal) Odds (Fraction) Odds (American)
365 1. J Melzer $1.91 10/11 -110
2. F Vicente $1.83 5/6 -120
362 1. A Roddick $1.80 4/5 -125
2. T Haas $2.00 1/1 +100
363 1. V Spadea $1.73 8/11 -137
2. M Fish $2.20 6/5 +120
114 1. G Garcia-Lopez $2.35 27/20 +135
2. F Verdasco $1.53 8/15 -190
113 1. M Safin $1.80 4/5 -125
2. G Gaudio $2.05 21/20 +105
369 1. C Castano $5.00 4/1 +400
2. M Petrova $1.14 1/7 -715
368 1. AL Groenefeld $3.10 21/10 +210
2. S Kuznetsova $1.33 1/3 -300
366 1. J Henin-Hardenne $1.20 1/5 -500
2. D Safina $4.33 10/3 +333
267 1. P Schndyer $1.44 4/9 -225
2. N Dechy $2.60 8/5 160

Tennis odds can be displayed in three different formats; Decimal, Fraction & American. All three formats represent the exact same value as far as making bets and profits are concerned. The different formats exist because Europeans prefer the Decimal format, UK bettors have traditionally liked the Fraction format...and of course Americans are used to the American format.

Most bookmakers let you choose which format you'd like to see your odds displayed in. However, the Decimal format is the most straightforward to use. Look at the first player above. J Melzer is paying $1.91 to win. If you put $100 on J Melzer and'll get back a total of $191 ($100 x 1.91). Your profit will be $91 ($191 - $100). As you can see, it's very easy to work with Decimal odds.

The daily tennis betting schedules area readily available at sports betting websites...and there are tons out there. There are matches virtually daily and tournaments almost every week giving you thousands of individual matches each year.

So...there's no shortage of action!

To pick winners you don't need to know anything about the players. Heck, even I don't know who F Vicente or C Castona is...I don't know and don't care to know...because it doesn't matter!

The only thing that matters is the odds. There are couple of things that you need to know about tennis matches...

There are no draws and the trend over the past decade shows
that the favorite wins far more often than the outsider

Put it this way...if you managed to get hold of the odds of all tennis matches over the past 9 years with the results, and then spent 5 straight months analyzing the data - you're guaranteed to find the winning trend. But I bet you don't have 5 months of your valuable time to you? (You'll NOT be profitable simply by betting on all the favorites...there's a bit more involved when working out profitable winners long-term)

My analysis has proven beyond ANY doubt whatsoever
that in the long run tennis matches have the MOST stable
and predictable outcome when compared to ALL
other types of sports betting out there!

"I Love It, It's Idiot Proof!"

When I came to your website immediately my heart began to pound as I had already read an article about your tipping service in J. K. Bookie Buster. But I had no idea that you had written your technique down into a system. After reading the article...I desperately searched for your tipping service but couldn't find it. Little did I know that you had embarked on a total different route...

Once at your site I didn't even bother reading your message. I immediately joined up and started using "Tennis Cash" and made 4 bets on the same day. Now, a month later I've had 63 bets, 52 winners and 11 losses. I was only betting with $40-$80 and made $1376.00 profit. The system is so painless and idiot proof that I simply love it!
Ross Foster
Fort Worth, USA
Back to the matches above...out of the 9 matches, there are only 2 clear cut suitable picks for that day. In the "Tennis Cash" system I'll show you exactly how to spot such matches in under 90 seconds - this is not an exaggeration either! And that's it...once the picks are made you simply back the players to win. No fuss, no technical analysis, no B.S. You simply place your bets in confidence knowing that the overall statistic is in your favor.

The saying "Simplicity is best" can be applied 100%
to my "Tennis Cash" system

By the way, the two picks from the above list won with flying colors! But that did not surprise me. That is the exact outcome you expect when all the statistics are completely in your favor. You can place your bets clearly knowing what the outcome is going to be. It's one of the GREATEST feelings in the world!

Here's a note from another grateful user of the "Tennis Cash" system...

Please DO NOT do what Tim did. I repeat, please do not send me any doesn't matter how much money you make using my system. If it feels like you're making too much money, share it with your family and friends...or donate to your favorite charity. I get enough kicks just knowing about your success, no need to send any gifts.

Here are the actual profit statistics
for the past 9 years in USD...
(These are based on $150 bets at level stakes...
So $150 was put on each qualified player to win)

$37,220 2009 806
$42,896 2010 904
$28,684 2011 633
$49,101 2012 1014
$36,432 2013 702
$43,112 2014 1112
$40,802 2015 776
$30,202 2016 815
$37,486 2017 1119
Statistics show that 2018 should make $45,300 profit!

If you add the profit for 9 years, it
totals to $345,935...

--That's an income of $38,437.22 per year
Or $3,203.10 every month!

And...the best thing about achieving such results is that in order to double your monthly earnings to $6, simply double your bets to $300. Although I've based the entire profit summary on a $150 bet in order to be as conservative as possible with the figures...I was gradually increasing my bets with each successive year. With such profits rolling'd be CRAZY not to!

Here are my actual profit figures as
they appeared at my bookmakers...

$37,220 2009 $150
$109,296 2010 $450
$163,208 2011 $600
$224,916 2012 $900
$355,112 2013 $1,500
$966,513 2014 $3,500
$772,046 2015 $3,500
$854,818 2016 $3,500
$975,240 2017 $3,500
My target profit for 2018 is $1.35 MILLION!

So, my actual profit over the past 9 years has been
$4,458,369 which equates to $371,530 per year
...and $30,960.89 in Monthly Income!

This year all my bets are $4,200 and the profit is soaring better than ever! Kaching...! As I'm writing this my partner just told me that Petrova won her bout against Schnyder making me a nice profit of $2,310 on the bet I placed earlier this morning.

Look, although I now bet with huge amounts...I started out small. All you need is a betting bank of $150-$200 and make your bets at $10 each. Keep reinvesting your profits into your betting bank until the bank doubles (for example $200 becomes $400). Once this happens you simply double your bet from $10 to $20. Keep doing this and before you know it you'll have a betting bank of $400 and making bets of $200 each time. Trust me, if you just stick to this plan you can have a betting bank of $6,400 in just 5 months or sooner...starting out with just $200.

It's March right now. And if you start using my "Tennis Cash" system right away...the next five months could be your MOST productive financial months EVER! By August, you could be enjoying a very comfortable life. Perhaps even quit your day job!

Here's exactly how:

April $200 Doubles To $400 ($10 Per Bet)
May $400 Doubles To $800 ($40 Per Bet)
June $800 Doubles To $1,600 ($80 Per Bet)
July $1,600 Doubles To $3,200 ($160 Per Bet)
August $3,200 Doubles To $6,400 ($320 Per Bet)

Once you reach July or August, you could stop doubling your betting bank and start earning an income from tennis betting. Because by this stage you could be earning a profit of $200 per day or $6,000 monthly!

This is exactly how the professionals suck millions
of dollars out of bookmakers each year!

"I've Turned A $350 Bank Into $7,185 In Just Under 4 Months - Seeing Is Believing!"

My name is Eric Rayner and I run my consultancy firm Rayner & Associates. Over the past 4 months I've steadily grown my $350 betting bank into $7,185...all without even hunting for the best odds!

Although $7,185 does not seem much, I've been totally ecstatic with the results and would not hesitate recommending the "Tennis Cash" system to anyone wanting a quick and easy way to make more money.

I found Chris a pleasure to deal with and would not hesitate to stake my reputation on the line for his product! I'd also like to add that after joining as a member I also ordered the offline manual and promptly received it. And it's a real masterpiece with well laid out data. Chris has definitely put a great deal of effort into his betting system. Thanks again!

Eric Rayner
Rayner & Associates
As you've seen you don't need a lot of money to start with. In fact bookmakers at times run promotions where they match your initial deposit into their account - for new accounts only. So if you deposit $100...they will put another $100 into your account. Competition amongst bookmakers is hunt around and you'll get a good deal!

You might not believe this but one of my ex-tipping service member called Michael Byrne (he is relatively famous in the betting circle) makes a seven figure income each year from this exact same system. His bets are between $8,000 to $15,000 each and he doesn't even flinch when placing his bets!

On the other hand I'm a lot more conservative when it comes to betting - it has taken me 9 years to increase my bets to $4,200. Michael's philosophy is different to mine when it comes to betting. He still laughs at me, even these days, for placing such "puny" bets. He believes that it doesn't make any difference as to whether you place a $100, $500 or $15,000 bet...when you have a proven system that is bound to make you consistent profit. Well, not everyone has nerves of steal like Michael...and I strongly believe that you should bet with the amount you're comfortable with.

Here's 7 reasons why you should get hold of the legendary
"Tennis Cash" system immediately...

1. Outstanding strike rate over the past 9 years - with 78.3% of all bets selected winning. That's around 8 out of 10 winning and returning a nice profit.
2. It takes only 90 seconds to spot winners on any given day...absolutely no past performance checks, no trend analysis or any other sort of technical calculations. You'll follow just two simple rules to pick winners, and that's it!
3. Shows outstanding profits at level stakes! A mere $50 per bet produces $12,812 yearly profit, $100 per bet gives $25,624 yearly profit...and $200 per bet gives an income of $51,249 per annum!
4. No need for a large amount to start with. As illustrated earlier, a few hundred dollars quickly and easily becomes $6,400 in just 5 short months...allowing you to bet $320 each time - giving you an income of $1,576 per week or $81,998 yearly!
5. Plenty of action! You'll find qualifying bets virtually everyday. December is the quietest month but on average there are 16 bets every week.
6. No waiting around. Access this system RIGHT NOW and start betting instantly. Chances are very high that there are at least 2 qualifying bets waiting for you right now to invest in and profit from!
7. Every bet for the past 9 years revealed! If you have the patience and means...get your hands on my 756-page offline manual. This manual contains the exact same system PLUS every single bet placed over the past 9 years, with results. The results are the exact unaltered photocopies of the paper spreadsheet I used to fill on a daily basis - it's in my handwriting with a few coffee stains and all!

"WOW, 6K And Still Going Remarkably Well!"

Hello Chris...I wish to thank you for your system and generosity. I don't have the actual figures but I've easily made over $6,000 and there is no indication of the profits slowing down.

If a novice like me with no betting experience can do it, I know anyone can. To be totally honest with you, you should charge a lot more for your system...I don't believe there is a single moneymaking product on the web today that lets you verify 9 years worth of results... can use this email anyway you like...that's the least I can do for you. Thank you once again!

Amy Duggan
amyduggan (at)
So, you may be wondering...if "Tennis Cash" works so well,
why am I revealing this information to others?

First of all if you understand sports betting you'll know that the winnings revolve around 'Fixed Odds'. This basically means that once you've placed your'll get the exact amount back that you saw when placing your bets. So for instance if your selection was paying $1.80 when you placed your bet...but 2 hours later the odds went down to $1.70 - your winnings will still be worked out on $1.80. This is brilliant because...

--You could have as many people as possible putting money on a player to win without affecting your winnings, at all!

For this reason I have no reason not to reveal my system. It does not affect my personal winnings one bit.

The second reason is that my system will not create even the smallest dent with the bookmakers. There will always be millions of people betting for the 'other' player and with so many bookmakers system will go undetected for decades to come. Plus, with the online betting market turning over around 29 billion a year and increasing, it's easy to see why serious bettors can easily get away with making a few million dollars each year!

The third and most important reason is that I'm genuinely a nice person who likes to help others (my 323 ex-tipping service members will vouch for this). For me, there's nothing more satisfying than is to help someone realize that 'there is a way out'. Look, I've been where you are today and know that it's not a good feeling relying on just your wages for a living. It's always nice to have something else earning income on the side and perhaps growing it into your main income stream.

The only reason I'm not giving "Tennis Cash" away for free or for a much cheaper price is because I've found that people will not take an opportunity seriously unless they had to input some sort of financial commitment into it. If you give anything away for next to nothing, chances are very high that the commitment from the user will be next to nothing as well. Plus, the very small investment I'm asking allows me to continue making this website and my system available to people just like you. Isn't that a wonderful opportunity?

How my lousy school teacher salary drove me to create
the most effective moneymaking method on the Internet!

Mathematics is my after finishing collage I became a Math teacher (wrong move). But I soon got a reality check when I got my first paycheck. There was no way I was going to live the type of lifestyle I wanted to. On this salary I'd struggle from payday to payday, forever. But I was not prepared to take it lying down. No, not me! Then started my obsession to find a scalable moneymaking method where I didn't have to sell my time for money.

The first 11 months was spent analyzing winning trends of EVERY type of betting there is out there. I literally covered them all and it was a very long and cumbersome process. Every minute of my spare time went into it. Most days I completely lost track of time. I hardly ever saw my friends or family (luckily I was single at the time). But finally I cracked it and it was worth all the sacrifice.

Now I can make money on demand. Some days it seems so unfair making money this easily that it feels like I'm the luckiest person alive! So at a subconscious level I'm practically FORCED to share my system with you just to ease my guilt for being so blessed.

Here are some burning questions answered for you...

  Q. I have no betting experience and have never placed a bet in my life...can I still use "Tennis Cash"?
  A. If you can add 1 + 1 then you will have absolutely no problem using my system. "Tennis Cash" is as easy as any system can get. Anyone with nil experience can grasp the method in less than 3 minutes without any problems - I personally guarantee it!

  Q. I'm not sure about buying over the can I trust your message?
  A. When was the last time you purchased a moneymaking opportunity product where there were photos, email addresses, website addresses and telephone numbers given with testimonials? Any customer who goes to this length has to be absolutely thrilled with the product. Feel free to contact any of my past clients. Also, how can I hide anything when I actually supply full results for every single bet for the past 9 years? Results that you can very easily verify. (Supplied with offline 756-page manual purchase only)

  Q. Why are you sharing it and not keeping this information to yourself?
  A. As explained earlier...sharing my "Tennis Cash" system does not affect my personal betting at all. It doesn't affect the winning odds of my bets therefore I have no reason not to share it. More importantly, I get a real 'kick' out of seeing others succeed in something which can make a tremendous difference in their lives. This is not self-praise...but I'm genuinely a decent and helpful person. I did keep the information to myself for a number of years while running my tipping service but my conscious finally got to me. So I decided that keeping my system secret was not the right thing to do since it has the potential to change many lives for the better.

  Q. Is it based around arbitrage betting?
  A. "Tennis Cash" has nothing to do with arbitrage betting. You don't have to compare odds at several bookmakers. Instead you'll spot your winners, place all your bets in the morning and that's it - all under a minute! Next you'll collect your winnings after the match and do the same thing the next day. As easy as that. All your bets can be placed independently of each other at level risky accumulating staking plans!

  Q. How does the lifetime membership work?
  A. It's very simple. You'll click on the payment button below and get directed to our 100% SECURE payment page. For your security...we use the world's largest and most secure merchant service (ClickBank) to handle all our payments. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or by PayPal. Once you've paid for your lifetime membership fee, you'll register as our member and get INSTANT access to our member's area. The whole process takes just 60 seconds. In the member's area you'll get full access to the Tennis Cash system.

You will easily be able to grasp the system within just 2 minutes or less. In could literally be placing your very first profitable bet just 3 minutes from now. Your membership fee is a ONE-TIME payment so you'll NEVER be billed again for any reason. And your membership lasts for life.

I'm always finding ways to improve my system and also analyse other possible betting opportunities (this is my hobbie) so you'll get access to all my future findings. You can login to the member's area at anytime using the "Members Login" link present at the top and bottom of this page.

"Chris Is Practically Giving His System Away...I'd Be Charging At Least £999.00 For It!"

Being a devoted soccer fan, tennis just wasn't my thing. Although I made my share of bucks from soccer betting, I had to constantly research and follow virtually every match.

Karma somehow led me to using Tennis Cash after which I felt like a pathetic loser when I looked at the years I had spent chasing soccer bets.

In just 7 weeks I've made around £9,300 in profits betting around 3-5 times a week. I've never been happier...

This system is absolutely amazing! It works brilliantly...and if I were you I'd be asking at least £999.00 for it without hesitation.

Although soccer still remains my passion...little do the lads know what really is making cash for me...
William Mowat
Leeds, UK
Here's how you can start earning $3,203.10, $10,715.87 or $30,960.89 every month...or grow your $200 betting bank into $6,400 and start making $320 bets...making you $6,000 monthly in record time!

There are two easy ways you can
get hold of my "Tennis Cash" system...

Option 1: Join us as our lifetime member and get instant access to the "Tennis Cash" system with summarized results over the past 9 years. The summarized results will show how many bets were placed each year, how many won and how many lost. Also revealed are the profit summary for each year.

You can instantly access this information and literally start making your profitable bets within minutes for a one time investment of USD $199 only $39 (This price is guaranteed for the next 24 hours only as a new price test).
Option 2: Order the OFFLINE manual. This 756-page (A4 size) manual contains the "Tennis Cash" system plus every single bet placed over the 9 year period, with results. The results are the exact unaltered photocopies of the paper spreadsheet I used to fill on a daily basis - it's in my handwriting with a few old coffee stains and all!

This monstrous manual will be delivered to your door within 21 can check and verify every bet against the system in anyway you like...all for a one time investment of only USD $289.00 ($269 + $20 Postage & Handling).
It doesn't matter which option you take, your future results will be exactly the same. Either way you're not purchasing just a membership or manual. What you're investing in is 9 years of my blood, sweat and tears...lots of sleepless nights and my relentless effort to create a simple but highly profitable moneymaking system - that works!

"I've Tripled My Income Without Even Trying!"

As a professional bettor, I've used virtually every system and tipping service around. Although I continue to subscribe to 2 horseracing and 1 sports betting tipping service, "Tennis Cash" is the only betting system I've continued using for the past 11 months.

This system works and so far has made me three times the money I used to make before using the method. It's incredibly simple and I think dollar for dollar it will beat any tipping service - whether it is horseracing or sports betting!

Jim Wong (Pro-gambler United)
Auckland, New Zealand Ph: (64) 21-xxx-xxxx

"Out Of The 391 Betting Systems I've Personally Reviewed So Far, Only 8 Were Selected...And Tennis Cash Is #1 On That List!"

Don't be fooled with the insanely low price of this amazingly profitable tennis betting system. I've tested systems ranging in price from $19 to $899 and believe me 'price' is never a good indicator when deciding which system to invest in. Higher price doesn't mean the system is going to perform any better. In fact the most profitable systems have had a price range of $37 - $229, almost too cheap to dismiss thinking it's too damn cheap!

When I began using "Tennis Cash", the simplicity of the system just blew me away. But what really got my attention was how profitable it was over the test period. If you're after steady long-term profits...I urge you to get hold of this system now - there's nothing more to say!

James Weston-Lee
System Ace Reviews (San Francisco)
The "Tennis Cash" system is an absolute bargain at only $39 or even at $289! The amount of money you can make from it...starting just minutes from now could recover your investment by a factor of X 1,000 each year! In fact, if I asked $10,000 for it, it will still be a bargain. Why? Because you could easily generate $38,436 to $128,588 (or much more) in income each year. Tell me, where can you purchase a business right now for $10,000 that will give you an income of $128,588 per working only 90 seconds per day?

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Look, I know that making $355.27 or $1,357.19 per day maybe enough for some people but for the rest...they simply would want much more. Increasing your bets is just one way you could increase your income. I've found a second method which has the potential to easily make you an extra $10,813 to $47,935 or more each and every month ( has nothing to do with tennis betting).

...And the best thing about this fantastic opportunity is that it gives you several dozen winning bets EVERY DAY! This system is so good that you don't even need to build up your betting bank. Instead, you can easily start making a MINIMUM profit of $127 Per Day right from the first day. Increasing your profits to $635, $1,270 or more per day is super easy.

This inside information is very, very lucrative and I'm already having second thoughts about sharing you'd better be quick before I remove this top secret bonus from my offer, forever.

NOTE: This bonus is so, so hot that I'm releasing it in a controlled after you join up, there's a small delay before you get your copy. Right now you're GUARANTEED your copy...but I'm tempted to completely remove it very soon (tomorrow may be just too late, sorry)...

So let's not waste any more time and get started profiting
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using this "Tennis Cash" system's costing you $355.27 to $1,357.19 or more daily!

--Can you really afford not to make this amount each day?

OPTION 1 - Instant Access

Join using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or your PayPal account using ClickBank's Secure Server. Once your transaction has been processed, you'll register as our member and get INSTANT access to our member's area and betting system. This is a one-time payment only & your membership is for life.

The "Tennis Cash" system is eagerly waiting for you. You could literally be making your first profitable bet just 3 minutes from now!

Note: This price is guaranteed for the next 24 hours only as a new price test. After which the price could revert back to its original $199. If the order link doesn't work, it means I've reached my quota and have stopped sharing "Tennis Cash" permanently. And I'm sorry that you've missed out.


OPTION 2 - Offline Manual

To order the 756-page offline manual with every verifiable result for the past 9 years...simply send me an email (given below). I will then send you instructions for payment of USD $289.00 ($269 + $20 Postage & Handling). Please allow up to 21 days for delivery. We post worldwide.

My personal suggestion is for you to join my membership club right now at the incredible low one time investment of only $39. Later when you have an income coming in from tennis can then order the offline manual using your profits. Plus, everyday you miss out on using "Tennis Cash"'s the equivalent of tearing and burning $355.27 to $1,357.19 or even more in cold hard cash! And I'm sure you DON'T want to be doing that...

So there's no way I want you to miss a single
day of profitable tennis betting!

So the question really rests on whether or not you can afford to miss out on $355.27 to $1,357.19 per day and still sleep at night with a clear conscious.

Plus, I do not intend to make my system available forever. Once I feel that there are enough people using "Tennis Cash" without panicking the bookmakers...I'll be forced to pull the plug and stop sharing it. So join up as a member now and get started right away before the best moneymaking opportunity on the web disappears forever. Otherwise you'll find that you're kicking yourself for the rest of your life for not taking up this incredible deal!

Yours for mega tennis profits,

P.S. I've made on average $1,357.19 daily from "Tennis Cash" over the past 9 years. Imagine what your bank balance would have looked like if you started my system only 12 months ago? You'd have $128,588.40 in your account right now! It's not too late...start right now and you'll look forward to true financial freedom...tomorrow, next week and for the rest of your life.

P.P.S. If you've always wanted another income stream then nothing out there beats "Tennis Cash". Forget about 'other' Internet opportunities...with my system there's no website building, advertising, talking to anyone, selling or costly trail and error. Simply apply the two simple rules and enjoy instant long-term profits.

P.P.P.S. The 'test' price of $39 may not last long. Grab this fantastic moneymaking system while you can at this super low price. If you come back later you may end up paying more than twice this price i.e. the regular price of $199 and would have also missed out on a few days of income.

Or much worst could happen..."Tennis Cash" could be withdrawn from being sold ever again at anytime without notice - and you'd have missed out on the easiest moneymaking opportunity around, missing out on tens of thousands of dollars each year over your lifetime!

Here's Even More Proof On
How Well My System Works...

I literally get thousands of unsolicited testimonials each year. Too many to publish all here. So here's just a few dozen recent ones out of the thousands I currently have on file...

"Betting Rookie Beats Pros And Takes Home $250,000 Prize Using The Tennis Cash System"

Chris! Dude, I'm sorry you could not make it to the Jet Bet Champs but I've just done the honors for you. I beat Leslie Nook by 14,127pts and Michael Lund by an embarrassing 44,113pts. The game was tough but I stuck to the plan. Luckily the ATP tour was on so I could base all my bets on tennis using your method. Apart from Roddick getting the beat, the rest won.

Leslie lost around 12,000pts when his NBA pick went sour. And Michael took a beating when his Martingale bet failed at tier three. He was crushed!! The rest of the guys got run out in the first round. No one knew who I was but I might be interviewed by some reporter later today. The 250K prize is making me salivate! I'll be back next year and hopefully you can join me. Next time around the prize is 500K...

Aaron Signal
Tucson, Arizona

"Ninth Straight Winning Day"

Hi Chris, what a run are we having man! Is this common or a freak streak? I haven't lost a single bet since I started nine days ago. I keep thinking my next bet will lose but keep getting proven wrong.

I know there will be some losing bets on the way but nine days of straight winning is just firkin awesome!! I'm currently sitting on $1,866...

Johnny Hughes
Stamford, NY

"Best Part Time Job Ever, Except I Don't Have To Work"

I've been using Tennis Cash for 11 weeks now with amazing results. I've made $3,270 so far betting only small amounts. But will make a lot more from now on as I've increased my bet size. The funny thing is that I started out with my very first bet losing. Then won the next bet and then lost the third bet. After that I got 11 straight wins.

Now its been consistently winning at the expected rate. The main thing is to stick to it and you will make money. I've now also ordered the offline manual.

I'm a fulltime student and have to work odd jobs just to survive. But now looks like I will be able to quit my part time jobs and focus on just studying (and tennis betting!).

Chao-xing Yee (Jenny)
Bankstown, Australia

"My $300 Risk Paid Off With $9053!"

Chris, I'd like to say that you're a straight up guy. You give us the technique to increase our strike rate and profitability even further than what's listed at your site. But you don't make exuberant claims about it at all. In fact you don't even mention it at your site. That's a greatly welcomed surprise when you start using the system...

...sorry to say that I didn't initially believe your claims because I've been let down so many times. But I decided to join up anyway since I could not see how your claims could fall short since you give all the past results.

So I put aside $300 and started betting as you've suggested. I'm glad to report my $300 risk has paid off. It's grown into $9053. Only the sky is the limit now!

Gary Cleven

"$10 Bets Make $667 On The Remote Island Of Papua New Guinea (PNG)"

Rupeli here. Sir, I like to thank you for your tennis method. I joined up last month and only bet with $10. Now I have $667. I bet with tab Australia using Internet and find it very easy to use. The money I make already is 3 month wages here in PNG for me. So let god bless you and thank you very much.

Rupeli Vola
Papua New Guinea

"23 Bets 21 Winners - I Can't Complain"

Hey Chris, the system works as you've said. I've landed 21 winners from 23 bets so far. My betting bank has doubled 3 times already and my confidence is building. I will go berserk once I've cracked my target of $15,000.

I've also got my brother starting his betting bank next week. At first he thought I was crazy to expect profits by betting. But now I'm loaded and he is not. So guess who is following me around wanting to know my secret?

Jonathan Perez
San Diego, CA

"They Now Call Me Balls Of Steel!"

Chris, I'm a columnist of a newspaper in the small town of P************. I used your system for 3 weeks and saw remarkable profits. So I decided to predict a few winners using your system at my column. At first no one cared. But after getting 100% win rate for 2 weeks, my readership jumped 300%! I also started to get a ton of emails and calls from my tip followers.

Now they call me "Balls of Steel". They probably think I'm a big shot bettor. I will stop sharing the tips after next week since technically I don't pick them and it's unfair on you. But what a great way to dramatically increase my readership so fast!

Alan R******
(Location withheld)

"My Target Is To Make £700 Weekly, And I'm Doing It"

Hello Chris. I joined up as your member a while ago but never got to use it as I was hospitalised for a heart condition. But I've recovered since then and paper trailed your method for two weeks. I then kicked off using real money targeting to make £700 profits each week.

I'm glad to say I've hit my target each and every week for the past 2 months. I honestly still cannot believe something this easy can be so profitable. You're a true mathematician mate!!

Roger Scheer
New Brighton, UK

"School Holiday Boredom Nets Steady Income Of $2,700/Month"

Hey, you're not the only schoolteacher enjoying the Tennis Cash system. I'm a History Tutor and last school holiday I stumbled across your site as I was surfing one boring evening. Without telling my husband, I joined up and started using your system. The system is much easier to use than I expected but just as profitable as you've stated.

I just worked out my average profit since I started and it's a cool $2,700 (rounded off) a month. I still have yet to tell hubby. He'll really freak out when he finds out what I've planned for our anniversary using my winnings. That's when he'll know. By the way, we teachers do get shortchanged when it comes to salaries. But then again, who is happy with their wages these days...

Emily Hamlin
Connecticut, US

"Thank You"

Thank you for making this available. Most people wouldn't.

Bert McDonald

"You've Made Life A Bit Easier"

Hi Chris, This is really to thank you for such an easy moneymaking system. I've been trying to make money online for the past 3 years and everything I've tried ended up costing me more money.

I actually spend $7500 on a horseracing software called "Intervest" and then burned a further $1,000 as working capital. That's $8500 down the drain with nothing to show for. Your system is the only thing that's made consistent profits. My banks grown from $500 to $3150 very steadily and I'm really happy with the progress. You've certainly made my life a bit easier. If you're ever in down under, please contact me as I owe you many beers.

Don Lawler
Campbellfield, Melbourne (AUST)

"I Should Make $70,000 Within 9 Months"

Mr. Campbell, My name is Rhoda May and I'm a semi-professional forex trader. I've done ok with forex so far but sometimes keeping a tap on trends can drive me up the wall. So your "90 Second" claim is what drove me to your site. I must say you must have been a really good schoolteacher as your system is very easy to understand.

I've made just over a dozen bets with around 85% win rate. This sort of success rate is unheard of in currency trading! From what I gather I should be able to easily make $70,000 within the next 9 months using your system. I hope you don't mind me updating you with my progress...

Rhoda May

"Betting Bank Becomes Scarily Large"

Hello Chris! I meant to email you earlier but was too busy enjoying your system. I'm on my 319th bet today and have recorded every transaction from my first bet. I still cannot believe how well it's done. I also cannot get over some of the winning runs we've had!

My bookmaker recently upgraded my account due to my transaction volume. Now I have a dedicated customer service person who looks after all my affairs.My betting bank has become scarily large and I think I'll make my first withdrawal soon and take a nice holiday or buy a car. If only I had started earlier!

Adam Dixon
Vasterbotten, Sweden

"Best System Ever For Making Money"

Thanks for putting out such a robust betting method. I can honestly say it's the best system ever designed for making money. You are a true mathematical genius!

Garry Hughes
South Beach, Florida

"$14K Betting Bank Still Growing"

Update. My bank is now at 14K and I'm still going hard. Nice to see this sort of money in my account. The most I ever had before using your system was $3,000. And that was when I was saving for my wedding. Many thanks from me, and my family...

Ben Lupe
Brisbane, Australia

"Very Smart And Profitable System"

Those that are not using Tennis Cash don't know what they are missing out on. It's a very smart and profitable system that's already proven to work.

Geri Martens
Santa Monica, CA

"Steady Income That's Outperforming My Company"

Here's I real shocker for you, Chris. Your system has so far given me a 2300% return on my initial outlay with very little time commitments. My company gives me only 63% return on my time and investment per year. I can easily scale your system. But I cannot easily scale my business (I own a legal aid firm). Makes me wonder if I'm in the wrong business!

Dean Subritzky
Manitoba, Canada

"£3900 Better Off"

Just a quick line to let you know that my £400 bank has grown into £3900. I'm now £3900 better off! This amount may not mean much to you but for a minimum wage earner like myself, it's pure gold!

Johnny Cleven

"$600 Becomes $7,200 Then $19,080 Then $26,350"

Chris, I owe you a trip to Hawaii! Your system has turned my paradise life into a rich paradise life! I've managed to grow my $600 bank into $7,200 then $19,080 and then all the way to $26,350. And there's no sign of it slowing down! Is your site the best kept secret on the web or what...

Walter Marginson
Kauai, Hawaii